Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 746

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Mrs. Lay looked back hastily upon hearing his voice. Her pudgy face was etched with fear. “S…Sir…”

Her tongue seemed tied, and it took a Herculean effort for her to put together a complete sentence.

Julian could only look in the direction her finger was pointing toward.

She was pointing toward the television.

It was reporting on a piece of breaking news. “In today’s news, a huge car accident occurred in the
south of the city. According to witnesses, a pregnant lady was in the car. Nearby surveillance cameras
captured photographic footage of her.”

The photo was blown up on screen at the next moment.

It was Diana.

Julian’s eyes widened, and he stood silent as if he had lost his tongue.

He remained unmoving like a block of stone.

His reaction frightened Mrs. Lay so much that she snapped back from her own fear and gently tugged
at Julian’s shirt. “Sir, Sir?”

In a daze, Julian said, “Huh?”

He looked at Mrs. Lay, as if nothing had happened. “What did you call me for?”

The moment he asked that, blood began trickling from his nose.

Very soon, the blood began gushing forth.

Mrs. Lay panicked; she ran to the dining table to grab some napkins and rushed back to hand them to
Julian. “Sir, your nose is bleeding!”

Julian looked as though all of his five senses had shut down. He didn’t even reach out to take the
napkins from Mrs. Lay, and simply stared blankly at the television screen. “Mrs. Lay, what did the news
just report about?”

Diana…was dead?

How could that be?

“Sir! Wipe away the blood! Wipe it away first!” The sight of the blood flowing from his nose made Mrs.
Lay so anxious that her voice had grown a pitch higher.

To their utter helplessness, the reporter featured on television went on,” We found an identification card
on the deceased. Her name is Diana Winnington. If anybody knows the deceased, please contact us


Julian grabbed a nearby stool and smashed it at the television set.

“It’s fake!” he yelled. “It’s all fake!”

Wasn’t he dreaming?

He was dreaming!

But why did that terrifying nightmare become reality?

The woman who was standing right before him, living and breathing, had become deceased as
reported in the news today.

No one would feel good about it!

Mrs. Lay was the only one in this entire villa who dared to do something to Julian.

Seeing how things were spiraling out of control, she rushed forward and pressed Julian’s nose to stop
the bleeding, ignoring her own sorrow over Diana for the time being. She chanted repeatedly, “Sir,
you’re bleeding!

You’re bleeding!”


Did Diana bleed before she died?


She wasn’t dead!

“She’s not dead!”

Julian shoved Mrs. Lay away and began yelling madly. His lips had turned pale, which formed a striking
and frightful contrast with the bright red blood staining his nose and lips.

Mrs. Lay knew she alone wasn’t sufficient to bring things under control, and immediately called for help.
But before help came, she heard a loud crash.

Julian had collapsed on the ground!

“Sir!” Mrs. Lay rushed over and touched his forehead. In her panic, she pressed her hand over his nose
to try to stop the bleeding. It was only until she washed all the blood off her hands under a running tap
that she finally snapped back to reality.

Noel was the only person Mrs. Lay trusted right now. She stared at the door of the operating theater
and asked, “Mr. Carter, do you think Mr.

Fulcher will get better?”

Noel had never seen something like this happen before.

In his mind, Julian had always been healthy and fit.

His most vulnerable period was after he underwent surgery after getting stabbed in the chest.

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