Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 745

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“Yes,” Simon replied. “As long as you come with me, I’ll keep your babies and treat them well.”

Diana didn’t believe that things would be so simple. “What do you want from me by coming with you?”

“You really are smart.” Not many people were able to see through him after just a few meetings. His
appreciation toward Diana grew even more. “Not much, I just want you to be hypnotized and lose your
memories forever.”

Diana’s face changed. “You!”

How wicked!

If she were to die, her babies would die along with her.

If she were to live, she would have to leave Julian and wouldn’t even be able to hold onto their

Would she still be herself without those memories?

“If you don’t agree to that,” Simon went on saying the most vicious words in the most calm voice, “you’ll
just die with the babies in your womb.”


The moment she died, she would have nothing.

But if she were to survive, even if she lost her memories…

Would Julian come searching for her?

She wouldn’t…

After waking up tomorrow and realizing that she was gone, he would have nothing but hate for her.

Hatred for her leaving, abandoning…going missing.

He would eventually belong to Kiki.

Simon was vicious indeed.

She eventually decided on the second option, but she couldn’t even bring herself to smile bitterly. She
looked up at Simon and asked, “Can you not let him know that I left with you?”

“Don’t worry,” Kiki cut in. “No matter your choice, you’ll be a dead person to Julian.”

Her words dashed all hopes in Diana’s mind.


She really wouldn’t have any chance to meet Julian for the rest of her life.

After today, Julian wouldn’t even know that she was still alive.

How could she possibly hope for him to search for her?

Simon threw out a bait that he knew she cared most about.” As long as you choose the second option,
your babies will be safe and sound.”

Although she would forget about Julian, she would be able

to survive with their children.

This temptation was too great.

Diana smiled bitterly. “Do I even have a choice?”

They had cut off all paths for her. They even planned for Kiki to make her experience the fear of losing
her babies beforehand, in fear she might not accept the second option.

With that, before Simon could reply, she mumbled to herself, “I’ll do it.”

Her voice was muffled, as if her mouth was filled with water. In a voice racked with emotions, she said,
“I’ll do it, Simon Channing.”

Tears had drenched Diana’s face.

Julian… Goodbye.

Goodbye forever, Julian.


At the mid-level villa.

The mist of the dawn had dissipated and the sun rays pierced through the clouds, shining on the earth.

Julian’s eyes flew open as he waved his hands desperately in mid-air, yelling brokenly, “Diana!”

Yet, he felt nothing in his hands.

He didn’t manage to grab hold of anything…

He didn’t even touch the hem of her shirt.

Upon realizing the cruel reality, a crack appeared in Julian’s straight face. However, he immediately
recovered from it as if he had sewn up the crack. Nothing had changed in the room.

It looked completely different from things in his dream.

In his dream, not only did Diana leave him, but she even packed up all her things and left nothing

She said that this time, it wasn’t a mere breather-but goodbye forever.

Upon seeing the familiar room and furnishings, and that her belongings-her hair tie, her phone-were
still lying quietly on the bedside table, Julian immediately calmed down. He got changed and went
downstairs looking for her.

“Diana? Diana?”

He called out in the living room, “Mrs. Lay, have you seen Diana?”

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