Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 743

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Thankfully, Diana grabbed Kiki before she collapsed. “You’re pregnant. Be careful.”

Diana’s words reminded Kiki, who hurriedly handed something that Shiloh prepared for Diana. “These
are supplements that are good for the babies. You must take them.”

Why should Diana take these?

Just so it could make the Stewarts feel better?

She couldn’t bring herself to act so magnanimously.

Did she have to take their things and appease their conscience when they were the ones who forced
her to a corner?

“I don’t want them.” Diana put the things down on the back passenger seat. “If you force me to take
them, I won’t leave Richburgh.”

Her words made Kiki turn dark.

She was scared of Diana’s aggressiveness, and was also worried that she might go back on her word.
What she feared most was…that Diana would suddenly refuse to leave.

“Don’t.” Under Diana’s mocking stare, Kiki took back the items and added awkwardly, “Please take care
of yourself.”

Naturally, Diana would.

Even if not for herself, she would do so for the sake of her babies. She would do so for the sake of
Julian, who might survive but never be happy for the rest of his life.

After he woke up, he would surely hate her.

Diana caressed her stomach and smiled bitterly. “Kiki, take good care of him.”

She spoke so calmly, as if she were talking about what she would eat tomorrow, but sorrow filled her
eyes. She refused to let her tears fall as she went on, “Actually, I’m rather glad he has a chance to be
healthy and safe.”

“No matter how rich and powerful one gets, ultimately the greatest hope was for one to be healthy and
safe. For Julian to be able to have good health and safety is something that I should be happy for him,”
she continued.

He would have nothing without his life.

With his life, he would have the energy to hate her.

Diana didn’t dare to think about how Julian would be like tomorrow, when he found out that she had left
him once again.

“He has gastric problems, so don’t let him eat spicy food. Remember to keep reminding him to drink
more porridge.” Diana handed Kiki a note. “This is the porridge I often cook for him, it’s his favorite. You
can learn how to cook it for him.”

Kiki was stunned and quickly took the note from Diana after she recovered.

Silence ensued in the car for a moment. Kiki angrily crushed the note into a ball and screeched
accusatory, “Diana Winnington, are you trying to make me cook porridge for him every day so that he’d
miss you and never forget about you?!”

Kiki’s words were unexpected, but at the same time, reasonable.

She didn’t even love Julian.

How would she be able to even think for him?

Kiki’s motivation was to possess Julian and force Diana to leave—not love.

Of all people, the Stewarts had to be the ones who had a hold over Julian’s life.

For Julian’s sake, Diana had to humble herself and ignore the throbbing pain in her heart as she looked
straight into Kiki’s eyes, “I didn’t mean that. I just want him to feel better.”

“No need forthat!” Kiki crushed the note into a tight ball and flung it out of the window.

Her fingers accidentally brushed against the items they had prepared for Diana, which the latter did not
accept. A look of viciousness flashed past her eyes as she wound up the car window.

Her wicked, twisted face was reflected in the car window as she said to Diana, “I’m sorry.”

Simon Channing, the second son of the Channing family

who called her last night, was right. She couldn’t leave Diana around.

Only with Diana vanishing from the face of the earth would she be able to completely possess Julian
and have him lose all hope!

The thought of that made Kiki look at Diana with a sense of mercy that had a condescending air about

Diana keenly sensed that something was wrong, and her heart started pounding. She immediately
yelled, “Kiki, I want to get out of the car! Right now!”

Diana’s heart leapt to her throat as realization dawned on her that she had…she had made the same
mistake again! She had stupidly trusted her love rival too easily just because she was worried about
Julian and wanted the best for him, in hopes for him to be saved.

No matter how loudly Diana yelled, Kiki remained silent as a statue.

She caressed her stomach with a stormy look in her eyes, her face contorted with wickedness. “Diana,
I said I’m sorry. You should’ve replied that it’s okay.”

Kiki’s tone was too eerie, and it sounded as if she had made up her mind about something in particular.

Fear crept up Diana’s heart the more she thought about it. She held her hand over her own stomach
and shook her head profusely. “Kiki, calm down. Whatever it is, we can always talk things through. I
promise I’ll never see him again in my entire life! I really never will appear by his side again!”

“Promise? How will you keep your promise?” Kiki smiled, looking cold and heartless. “Diana
Winnington, the only way you can keep your promise is by dying.

Don’t you love Julian very much?

Exchange for his life with yours!

It’ll be worth it!”

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