Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 744

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If Diana wasn’t pregnant, she would be willing to die ten times over!

But she was a mother now, and she couldn’t bear to let her babies die along with her.

Diana tried to ignore the tremors shaking through her body as she racked her brains to think of what to
say to persuade Kiki. “Kiki, if you do this, your father will never forgive you!”

Kiki knew that very well. “I’ve already lied to him. He won’t forgive me anyway once he knows the truth.
But if you die, he and Julian will never know the truth!”

Why did everyone want to hurt her?

Diana shut her eyes tight, drowning in hopelessness as she thought back on her entire life. She didn’t
think she had done anything wrong during her time on earth.

The only thing she felt guilty about was not inviting Kate into the house on that cold winter day when
she came knocking on her door, pleading for mercy.

Had she really done wrong?

Was that why the heavens were punishing her?

But why were Kate and James allowed to hurt her, but she wasn’t allowed to disregard their kinship?!

Wasn’t the heavens being too unfair against her…?

Diana was broken-hearted as tears fell down her cheeks like pearls on a broken necklace, adorning her
exquisite features.

She was too beautiful.

No matter when and under what circumstances, her beauty was striking to the soul.

Kiki would always feel inferior each time she saw Diana.

And right now, even more so.

She gripped the door handle tight. “Diana, quit talking. It’s useless! Ever since you got into my car, I’ve
had the thought of making you vanish from the face of earth.”

“No!” Diana shook her head desperately.

There must be a way out!

She had her two babies in her womb.

“Kiki!” She grabbed Kiki’s sleeve and started to beg. “We are both mothers. Have pity on me and give
me a way out, please? I really, really want to see my babies being born into this world, really…

“Yes, we’re both mothers. But your children belong to Julian Fulcher, whereas my child is an illegitimate
b*st*rd who won’t even know who his father is.”

Diana’s words seemed to touch a sore spot in Kiki. She glared at Diana and said coldly, “So, you and
your babies… must die!”

With that, she turned around and yelled at the driver without giving Diana a chance to respond. “Stop
the car!”

The car braked immediately, and Diana seized the chance to open the door and jump out.

Just then, she felt a man grab her out of nowhere. “Simon… Channing?”

“Diana.” He stood outside the car smiling wickedly at her, as if he had been waiting for her right here for
a long time.

Diana belatedly realized that Simon…

Was certainly not a kind person.

He was simply adept at disguising himself-a true wolf in sheep’s clothing!

He had seized the opportunity and worked with Kiki to put on a show, and waited right here for Diana to
stupidly catch the bait!

Having experienced death up close with her babies in tow, Diana wasn’t so afraid of him this time.

She could even ask him calmly, “What do you want, Simon Channing?”

“Nothing,” Simon said. “Just trying to be your savior, that’s all.”



It turned out that one could become a savior by stabbing another and then trying pretentiously to help
stop the bleeding.

What a cheap savior!

But right now…

Diana caressed her stomach as she glanced toward Kiki, who desperately wanted to pounce on her.
She had no choice but to bow her head and ask, “How are you going to save me…?”

Her voice was low and racked with indignation.

Simon could sense her submission, and the smile on his face grew wider. ‘You have two options. One,
die silently. I suppose you can tell that this isn’t the first time Kiki and I are meeting. So.Jf you want to
die, I certainly won’t stop you.”

What was more, he could help guarantee that no one would find Diana’s death suspicious in any way.

Simon was ruthless in the way he did things.

Diana took a deep breath and looked at him. “What about the other option?”

“The other option…” Simon smiled, “…is to come with me.”

“Come with you?”

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