Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 741

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Even the babies they had looked forward to had to leave him, too.


She couldn’t hold herself back.

Once again, tears filled her eyes.

She felt as if someone was tugging a string up her nose, triggering the tears to fall from the corners of
her eyes.

She didn’t dare let Julian see her cry, so she covered her mouth and nose with her hands. “Ugh!’’

She pretended to feel nauseous, and rushed to the washroom. She hugged the toilet bowl and began

She seized the chance and let her tears fall freely.

Julian stood by her side. Confused, he asked, “Why are you retching now? This seems even worse
than when you actually vomit.”

Diana grabbed some napkins and composed herself. “Yes, I’d rather puke everything out.”

Julian’s heart ached seeing Diana suffering so much. “Why aren’t there medicine for morning

It was as if women had to sacrifice everything the moment they got pregnant.

They had to become superheroes who could survive everything.

They couldn’t take medicine when they had fever, or when they were suffering from morning sickness.
Even when they were vomiting non-stop and at every meal, they still had to force themselves to eat

All so that the fetus could be guaranteed the necessary nutrition it needed.

Who could guarantee the comfort and well-being of the mother?

Had he known that Diana would suffer so much, he wouldn’t have looked forward to her getting
pregnant again.

However, he didn’t dare to say something like that in front of her again.

He could only keep the thought to himself, and feel his heart ache for her.

“After you give birth to our twins, we’ll stop having children.” Julian wiped the tears from her face,
concluding that she must be crying from the retching and didn’t think too much of it.

Diana knew his heart was aching for her. “Yes, we won’t have any more children after this.”

She didn’t refute him. “No more after this.”

They wouldn’t even be together.

She would never have a chance to get pregnant again for the rest of her life.

The thought made her so upset that she wanted to cry again.

But he was by her side, so she couldn’t only hold back her tears.

By the time they left the washroom, Mrs. Lay had prepared Julian’s medicine, which Diana instructed
her to bring to Julian.

He continued insisting on suffering alongside Diana, but after seeing the look on her face, he took the
medicine obediently. “I’ll take it.”

As long as it could appease her anger, he would take it.

But Julian didn’t expect himself to feel sleepy after taking the medicine.

“Diana…” He couldn’t keep his eyes open, yet he continued grabbing Diana’s shirt. “Can you…can you
please let me sleep in the bedroom?”

He really wanted to hug her.

“Sure,” Diana pulled him back into the bedroom and put his hand on her stomach. “Feel them.”

One day, their twins would be born. They would learn to walk and talk, and call out fortheir “Daddy” and

But Julian wouldn’t be able to witness all that.

The thought of their impending separation made tears fall uncontrollably down her cheeks, landing on
the sheets.

Julian was completely unaware, as he was sound asleep after taking the medication.

That was because Diana requested for Shiloh to add sedatives in his prescription today.

In the deep of the night, she hugged Julian tight with her stiff body, refusing to move as she desperately
and greedily breathed in his scent—as if tonight was the last night of her life.

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