Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 721

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Did that mean that Julian agreed to cover for her?

Due to the intimidating aura surrounding him at the moment, though, Kiki didn’t dare ask and simply
followed behind him silently.

When they arrived at the gynecology department, Julian still couldn’t see Diana, who was still
undergoing an examination.

The clinic was full of female patients, so Julian couldn’t conveniently go right into the examination room
to find her.

As he waited outside, he couldn’t contain himself any longer and went to find Vans.

After seeing Vans, he hesitated for a long time before speaking.

It was as if the act of speaking itself would condemn Diana to death. Julian’s nervous face turned pale.

Vans had never seen Julian so terrified before, and couldn’t help but find it somewhat amusing. He
almost couldn’t hold back from telling Julian the good news about Diana being pregnant. Upon careful
consideration, he recalled Julian’s mistakes when Diana first got pregnant and concluded it was only
fair that he faced some hardship.

So he held back his thoughts and said, “Julian, don’t worry. Diana will come out soon. She’ll tell you

What kind of illness could it be that no one could speak

about it, and they had to wait for Diana to tell him personally? Was it really that serious? Julian’s eyes
widened anxiously, and he watched as Vans went to meet his other patients.

He didn’t even have a clear mind to call out to Vans to stay and explain himself.

He stood in the corridor in a daze, outside the room where Diana was being examined.

At that moment, Kiki, who had already arranged everything before they arrived, quickly obtained the
ultrasound report.

Her expression was no longer as radiant as when she first arrived at the hospital. She looked like she
had been struck heavily by a weighty iron object, appearing extremely dejected.

“Julian…” She held the ultrasound report, looking at the confirmed diagnosis of early pregnancy on it.
Her tears suddenly fell uncontrollably.

It was so disgusting.

Being pregnant with that man’s child was so disgusting!

She crouched down and desperately pounded her own stomach as she cried, “Julian, I’m pregnant! I’m
really pregnant!”

Her voice carried a thick sense of sorrow, filled with resentment. The volume was loud enough for
Diana, who was waiting in line at the blood drawing room, to hear it clearly.

‘Julian?’ Diana repeated his name silently in her heart as she listened carefully.

“Julian, I’m pregnant. I’m really pregnant! What should I do?”

Diana hadn’t misheard. There really was a woman outside shouting Julian’s name. And she said she
was pregnant… Then again, there were plenty of people with the same name in this world.

Diana dismissed it and shifted her attention to the nurse about to draw her blood.

She quickly interjected, “Please be gentle…”

She was afraid of the pain. It would be great if Julian could be by her side at a time like this. She
wondered if he had made it to the hospital yet. When she saw him later, she had to tell him that she
had overheard a woman calling a man with the same name, saying that she was pregnant.

It was exactly the same words Diana was about to say to him.

With that thought in mind, the prick of the needle in her arm wasn’t as painful anymore.

Diana gently caressed her pregnant belly with one hand, feeling the happiness of being pregnant
again, and smiled as she left the blood drawing room.

Just as she stepped out, she witnessed a scene that shook her to the core.

The man being called Julian by someone else wasn’t just a man with the same name. It was the real

The same man she had been yearning to share the good news of her pregnancy with. 1

And at this moment, a woman was crouching beside him, holding onto his legs and sobbing in pain.

Who was she?

Why had Diana never seen her before?

When did they…get together?

Diana pressed her cotton swab tightly against her arm, so tightly that it caused a sharp pain. Only then
did she realize that her needle wound had started bleeding due to the pressure.

And her heart, at that moment, was bleeding too.

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