Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 739

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Shiloh looked straight into Diana’s eyes and said frankly, “As long as you’re willing to give Mr. Fulcher
to Kiki, I’ll do anything you ask of me.”

“I’ll just ask you one question,” Diana said. “Please don’t lie to me.”

If he dared to lie to her, she would make them go to hell no matter what it took her!

Shiloh had never seen such a look of determination on a young person’s face, and he couldn’t help but
be moved. A look of respect flashed past his eyes as he said, “Please speak, Ms. Winnington.”

“Is it true that Julian is really sick?”

‘Yes, it’s true,” Shiloh said sincerely. “To be sure that my judgment wasn’t wrong, I looked through his
medical reports before coming here to look for you. I can only say that his condition is worse than what
all of us might think.”

That was why he hurried over with the intention of confirming Julian’s diagnosis.

“Okay.” Diana looked at him. “I believe you.”

If she didn’t believe him and stopped him from diagnosing Julian’s condition, Julian might really be at
risk of losing his life.

She didn’t dare to bet on his life. She couldn’t afford to do so.


The fact that Shiloh took the initiative to come over spoke of his medical ethics to a certain extent.

Even though he sacrificed his ethics for the sake of his daughter’s selfish benefit, it was enough of a
sign for Diana. He wouldn’t lie about a patient’s condition.

The more this was so, the more her heart broke.

She felt like a fish that caught a bait, the hook piercing through her throat. Yet she didn’t dare let go,
and could only let the sharp hook tear through her flesh.

To her, Shiloh’s medical skills were the bait.

She had no choice but to take the bait for Julian’s sake.

“Dr. Stewart.” Diana took a deep breath. “I will agree to Kiki’s request and leave Julian, but you must
promise not to tell Julian about this. When you diagnose his condition, I also hope that you won’t make
it sound so serious.”

She would tell Julian later that Shiloh’s wife ordered a custom-made suit and was very happy with it.
That made her agree to Diana’s request to ask Dr. Stewart for a prescription for Julian, so that he
would have the same pregnancy symptoms as her. He would be turned into a laughingstock should
word about what happened to Fulcher Inc.’s CEO spread.

Otherwise, given Julian’s keen senses, he would surely sense that something was wrong.

He would rather die than have her leave him.

She had to leave quietly before he realized what was wrong.

Shiloh agreed without any hesitation.

Very soon, he followed Diana into the mid-level villa.

“Dr. Stewart.” Julian was shocked that Diana managed to invite him, and was elated.

He thought Dr. Stewart was here to see Diana, and kept pulling Diana toward Dr. Stewart so he could
take a look at her.

Shiloh felt guilty toward Diana. ‘Your HCG levels haven’t been ideal.”

He didn’t even need to do any checks to come to the conclusion about Diana’s health that she had to
take a blood test to arrive at. “I’ll give you a prescription. I guarantee you’ll get better after three rounds
of medication, after which you won’t need further medication.”

Julian was elated to hear that. “Dr. Stewart, you’re truly worthy of your reputation.”

He was worthy of his reputation, indeed.

Thus, it was imperative that Diana had to leave.

Diana suppressed the pain she felt in her heart as she urged Shiloh to take a look at Julian. “Dr.
Stewart, my condition is easily resolved, but what about his nausea and vomiting symptoms?”

“I already have a prescription prepared,” Shiloh placed both of their prescriptions on the table. Julian,
however, didn’t even bother looking at his. He clearly cared more about Diana than himself as he asked
Shiloh eagerly, “If my vomiting symptoms can be resolved, can Diana’s morning sickness be resolved

“No, it can’t,” Shiloh said regrettably, “The fetus is still too small. If I intervene with the morning
sickness, it might affect the fetus negatively.”

Disappointed, Julian said, “Then I’ll suffer the symptoms with her.”

In other words, he refused to take the medicine Shiloh prescribed to him.

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