Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 736

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Kiki didn’t expect her father would want to visit Julian and give him a consultation immediately.

She hesitated for a moment, apprehension in her heart. “Dad … Is Julian’s condition very serious?”

‘Yes, very.” Many severe illnesses began with no symptoms.

That was especially so for many cancer patients, who look like any other person even until the late
stages of their cancer. They only realized something was wrong with their health when they got
terminally ill—by then things would be too late.

Julian’s condition was even more tricky than terminal cancer.

He wasn’t suffering from cancer, but something even scarier than cancer.

Shiloh had seen such cases before, in which patients would lose much weight from vomiting and
imbalance in micronutrients in the body. Ordinary doctors might think that the patient’s body only lacked
something and required the corresponding nutrients.

In actual fact, it was a symptom of a severe disease.

If treatment and medication were received in time, there might be hope of saving the patient. But if the
condition wasn’t diagnosed in time and treatment was delayed, even the most knowledgeable doctor
would have no way of helping the patient.

“What’s the name of this condition? Does it have a scientific name?”

“No.” Shiloh shook his head, “I treated one such case in the past, and luck definitely plays a part in this.
As for this time …” He hesitated. “It’s hard to say if I can treat him.”

That was why he was so anxious to meet Julian in person as soon as he could-to confirm the progress
of his condition.

He packed up the things he needed for a consultation. When he turned around, he saw his daughter
still standing at the same spot and refusing to move. “Kiki, why aren’t you moving?”

Kiki lowered her head, crumpling the hem of her shirt in her hands. “Dad… Julian’s critical condition is
actually a golden opportunity for me. Threatening Diana with it and forcing her to leave him is the only
way for me to be with him. After all, Julian’s obsessed with her right now. I can’t make a move on him,
so I’ll have to find a chance with Diana.”

‘What?!” Shiloh finally understood what she wanted to do. ” You’re trying to make me stand idly by and
delay treating a patient who’s suffering from a complicated and difficult condition that will likely send
him to his grave…just because of your selfishness? You’re asking me to sacrifice my ethics?!”

Shiloh looked at Kiki in disappointment, then picked up his things and headed to the door. “I can’t do it!”
He exclaimed, furious.

Kiki was choked by her father’s words. She could only watch him walk out of the door.

She stood there helplessly, watching her plan fail right before her eyes…

She couldn’t help but follow behind him. “Dad!”

Shiloh stopped dead in his tracks and turned back with eyes filled with disappointment. “Don’t call me
Dad! I, Shiloh

Stewart, don’t have a daughter like you-certainly not one who seeks self-benefit at the expense of a
patient’s life!”

His voice was loud and booming, each word hammering heavily into Kiki’s ears.

Her father refused to help her…

Her plan was completely foiled…

Meanwhile, Diana had just returned to the villa.

She looked despondent throughout the journey, and her sallow skin looked worse than it usually did.

The moment she walked through the door, Julian could sense that something was wrong.

He felt anxious and worried, but because of what he said a few days ago about not wanting the babies,
he didn’t dare to step forward and talk to her. He simply shifted his feet as he inched toward her slowly,
like a leopard hunting a prey yet scared of the prey’s reaction.

The sight of Julian’s cautious behavior made Diana recall

Kiki’s words, and her heart tensed up.

Her Julian.

How could her Julian, who was such a good man and who loved her so much, fall so terribly ill?

“Have you put up the wall decorations at home?” Diana broke the silence first, which filled his heart
with joy.

“No…” He said slightly frantically, suddenly feeling slightly awkward. He even touched his hair uneasily,
as if he had made a mistake and was feeling guilty about it. “When you left, I had wanted to put them
up. But after I did, they all dropped…”

She wasn’t around then.

The wall decorations wouldn’t bring him any blessings, no matter how many of them he put up.

That’s why he didn’t have any motivation to put them back up when they dropped.

Diana knew exactly what he was thinking.

But precisely because she knew, she got even angrier and her heart broke further. “Are you stupid?”

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