Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 735

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Kiki didn’t know who she had slept with.

She only remembered that his eyes were somewhat sinister, and his demeanor was icy.

In her dazed state, she had once thought about leaving the room.

However, his strength was overpowering.

She gradually lost all her strength and didn’t know anything anymore. When she finally woke up, she
found herself alone in the room.

In reality, whether this incident could be considered against her will was still up for debate because, in
truth, she…had taken the initiative.

But that was all because she was intoxicated!

Kiki firmly believed everything wasn’t her fault, and that she hadn’t consented!

She was just drunk, and that man took advantage of her vulnerability.

However, what surprised her was that she actually got pregnant.

At first, she thought about not keeping the baby. After she saw Julian leaning over Diana’s belly so
tenderly, those warm moments kept replaying in her mind.

She believed she had the ability to provide a happy family for the baby. At the same time, she also had
a chance to be with a man as outstanding as Julian.

As long as she lived with him, who would dare to mention that night at the bar?

Who would dare to gossip about her again in the entire Richburgh?

To bring up the absurdity of that night at the bar?

To say that Kiki had been taken advantage of by a random man while drunk?

When she appeared with Julian, arm in arm, in front of everyone, she would make those socialites drop
their jaws in shock!

Just the thought of it made her ecstatic.

“I’m sorry, Dad.” Kiki lowered her head, pretending to be apologetic. “I know our family upholds strict
family principles. If you want to punish me, I’ll accept everything. But I beg you. Please don’t harm the
baby in my belly…”

Kiki’s words infuriated Shiloh, and he wasn’t pleased. “You want to keep it, but I don’t! What if your belly
keeps growing every day? Have you thought about what to do if Julian still refuses to acknowledge it?”

The Stewart family had always upheld a reputation for integrity and helping others. Shiloh loved his
daughter, but he couldn’t bear the consequences.

Yet, Kiki was pleading with him like this…

“No matter who it is, no matter if the man is wealthy or not, our family doesn’t care,” Shiloh said firmly
as he looked at Kiki. “All I want is for you to be well and happy. But you…”

He trailed off and sighed, seemingly unsure of what to do.

Kiki interjected, carefully considering her words. “Actually… Julian currently has a request for you.”

Shiloh froze. “Julian Fulcher, the renowned figure among the younger generation of Richburgh? What
could he possibly need from me?”

“It’s not exactly a request from him.” Kiki smiled. “Diana’s the one who wants to make a request of you.”

“Diana Winnington? Julian’s other woman?”

“Yes.” Kiki nodded. “Do you remember the medical report I showed you yesterday?”

She lowered her voice as much as possible. “That report belongs to Julian.”

“What?!” Shiloh widened his eyes. “Then… Then he…”

He didn’t have much time left to live!

His daughter was so unfortunate!

Not only did she fall for such an unfaithful man, but she also happened to be pregnant while he
suffered from a terminal illness!

Shiloh was now even more concerned for his daughter.

“Get up first.” He had a servant bring a chair for her. “Quickly bring me that medical report. I want to
take another careful look.”

He couldn’t let his daughter’s baby be born without a father.

Seeing how anxious he was, Kiki quickly handed him the copy. “Take a look, Dad.”

After carefully reviewing the medical report again, Shiloh looked at Kiki. “I want to see him! Hurry, have
the driver prepare the car immediately!”

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