Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 734

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Money, money, money!

When Julian initially proposed divorce to Diana, it was about giving her money-and now, Kiki was
forcing her to leave by offering money as well!

Did the rich always solve their problems in such a crude and straightforward manner?

Even son, being that way didn’t necessarily solve the problems.

In this world, there were always things that money couldn’t buy.

Diana gradually calmed down, then turned to Kiki with a composed expression. “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear
what you said.”

She would return home, and she wouldn’t bring up everything that happened today to Julian.

“As for your father, I’ll find a way to meet him. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Seeing her plan failing, Kiki immediately stood up from her seat in a panic. “Diana! Can’t you
understand what I’m saying? You don’t care at all about Julian’s health! Why do you insist on watching
his condition worsen and watch him die?!”

“I’ve already said it.” Diana took a deep breath, restraining the urge to slap Kiki’s foul mouth. “I’ll find a
way to meet your father.”

“He won’t see you!” Kiki raged through clenched teeth, appearing resolute as she stared at Diana. “As
long as you refuse to leave Julian, I will tell him exactly what I’ve told you before-that the child in my
womb is Julian’s, and that he refuses to acknowledge it because of you!”

In this situation, Diana would become the villain, and Julian would become an irresponsible scumbag.

Seeing Kiki frantically jumping around, Diana put away the test results. She threw Kiki a cold glance,
the look akin to a heavy snowfall in the freezing cold of winter.

The chill creeping on Kiki’s neck was such that she dared not budge an inch.

Diana…was no ordinary woman.

Kiki couldn’t help but shiver, and even regretted confronting Diana so recklessly.

However, it was too late to take anything back now.

She had thoroughly provoked this seemingly fragile flower.

For a moment, it seemed like there was harsh wind and snow swirling around Diana; the air around
them suddenly felt deathly cold.

Right before leaving, Diana shot Kiki a disdainful glance, saying, “Julian’s matters are none of your
concern. It’s not your place to worry about it.”

Her tone was light and ethereal. She spoke as if Kiki was just a small pebble on a flat road, easily
kicked aside with a light tap of her foot.

Kiki was dissatisfied with the situation.

After waiting so long for such a good opportunity, she could only watch it slip away through her fingers.

How could she let it happen?

Kiki clenched her fists forcefully, as if trying to wring a cloth. She had to rush and talk to her father
before Diana took any action.

She had to make sure her father wouldn’t give Julian any medical treatment!

Fortunately, despite valuing reputation, etiquette, and caring for patients, her father was still human.

And humans have desires.

Kiki would make it happen.

She quickly returned to her home and burst into tears. She sobbed inconsolably, shattering Shiloh
Stewart’s heart.

Kiki knelt on the ground, looking at her father with a pitiful gaze. “Dad, I truly love Julian. At first, he
loved me too, so I ended up pregnant. But then, for some reason, Diana Winnington suddenly
appeared… Dad, really, if you don’t believe me, you can ask the customers at the city hospital. Over a
month ago, Julian personally accompanied me for the gynecological ultrasound to confirm my

As long as it was a hospital affiliated with the Richburgh family, Shiloh had friends there. Since Kiki
dared to say this and asked him to verify it, it was unlikely for her to be lying.

After a long while, he finally said, “Kiki, I’ve raised you all these years not for you to degrade yourself
like this!” The elderly man, with white hair and a kind face, was deeply frustrated. “How could you get
yourself involved in such a situation with such an irresponsible man? How could you get pregnant
before marriage?”

At this moment, Kiki’s heart, which had been hanging in the air for over a month, finally landed.

The incident of her rape and getting pregnant had turned into a story of true love encountering a
scumbag after her manipulation. Her baby…could now be safely born.

She had confidence she could make Julian the father of her baby.

She could also have a perfect husband.

Upon careful consideration, even getting raped didn’t seem like a big deal anymore.

That day… In the bar, she really didn’t drink too much. She was in a good mood and had made plans to
meet a few friends. After a few drinks, she woke up and suddenly found herself in a hotel bed.

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