Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 732

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Julian’s recent weight loss was merely due to his empathizing with Diana’s pregnancy. It was
impossible for someone young and strong like him to be associated with death.

She didn’t want to listen to Kiki’s nonsense anymore.

Diana’s eyes were filled with panic; her lips trembled slightly, and tears welled up in her eyes. She
looked like a wilted lotus flower, evoking a sense of pity.

‘What a beauty,’ Kiki thought.

Compared to Diana, Kiki definitely couldn’t measure up the slightest. Fortunately, Julian was sick, and it
was a condition that even the most sophisticated instruments couldn’t detect. Only some clues could be
revealed through tracing some elements in the body.

Kiki had already shown the results to her father. According to him, if the patient didn’t receive
treatment, the patient would die. Those were her father’s exact words. Now, she was just informing
Diana of the facts.

Yet, Diana couldn’t handle even a little information.

Kiki sighed. “Diana.”

She grabbed Diana, who was intent on leaving, and said,” You know I wouldn’t joke about Julian’s life.”

With that sentence, Diana froze in place. Not only did her lips tremble, but her legs also seemed to give
way. Finally, she said weakly, “Kiki…”

Diana’s eyes turned red as she looked at Kiki. “Can you help me?”

Diana wanted to sit down in a chair. She was afraid of losing her balance and falling if she continued to
stand, which would also endanger the babies.

Kiki did as she was asked, then said, “Thank you for being willing to stay and listen to what I have to

She took out a recording she had with her father. “Listen, my father is one of the top doctors in the
country. He specializes in treating complex conditions that modern medical examinations can’t detect. If
it weren’t for him looking at Julian’s medical report, I’m afraid we’d all think he was perfectly normal.”

In reality, Julian’s body had already given significant signals. The voice in the recording was deep and
carried a kind of benevolence that had accumulated over the years. As soon as Diana heard it, she
knew Kiki and her father weren’t lying. However, it only made her all the more distraught.

“But Julian…Julian’s just throwing up…”

“Would such a simple thing cause such rapid weight loss?”

Julian used to have a well-proportioned figure, like a walking clothes hanger. Yet in just a short period
of ten days, many of his clothes had to be resized.

What was even more terrifying was that he continued to lose weight at a rapid pace. If it weren’t for
this, Diana wouldn’t have forcefully requested him to undergo a medical examination. But even when
she asked him to do the examination, she never thought he was actually sick.

She simply wanted to have peace of mind. She was sure he would be fine.

Yet the people here were holding the medical results and telling her that Julian had a complex
condition, and didn’t have much time left.

How could she accept that?

She needed her husband, and their babies needed their father.

Julian needed to live on and enjoy the love they would give him!

But now, everything was about to turn into a mirage. Even the biggest matters became insignificant in
the face of life and death. Diana looked at Kiki, still unwilling to accept the latter’s words.

“There are some things that don’t add up to what you’re telling me.”

Kiki was surprised. “Where’s the contradiction?”

She had played the recording for Diana. How could she not believe it?

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