Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 731

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Diana already taught Julian a lesson. She believed he would never dare to casually utter words of
abandoning their babies again.

When she returned, she would reconcile with him. However, when she went to collect the results this
time, she planned to go alone.

The purpose was to make him worry and fret at home, and to punish him for his foolish words!

She soon arrived at the medical facility, but Diana couldn’t see the doctor immediately. Instead, Kiki
Stewart was the one waiting for her in the office.

“Why are you here?”

Seeing Kiki, Diana immediately recalled Kiki’s unfriendly attitude towards her at the hospital the
previous day.

Kiki stared at Diana, her eyes devoid of envy, only confidence. “The Stewart family is involved in all of
Richburgh’s medical institutions.”

Although their family couldn’t compare to the Fulcher family’s wealth or the Channing family’s fame,
they excelled in the field of medicine.

“Since you asked someone to arrange a physical examination for Julian, I’ve been keeping an eye on
the reports here,” Kiki said with a smile as she looked at Diana.”

Later, I’ll be waiting for your begging.”

“What are you talking about?!”

Diana didn’t expect Kiki to be so rude to utter such inappropriate words upon their meeting. Instantly,
she lost any desire to talk to the latter. The two of them sat on separate sides, waiting for the doctor to

Fortunately, the doctor arrived quickly. “Ma’am.”

Diana nodded and greeted him. The doctor quickly handed her the examination report. He adjusted his
glasses, appearing hesitant to speak.

Diana’s heart skipped a beat, and she anxiously opened the report. However, it was filled with various

terms that she couldn’t understand. “What’s wrong? Is there a problem with the examination?”

“Yes, there is a problem.” The doctor glanced at Kiki. “But Miss Stewart’s father is an expert in this field,
so you don’t need to worry.”

The more Diana listened, the more uneasy she felt. “What exactly is going on? What does all this have
to do with Kiki’s father? Is Julian sick? Is it serious?”

The doctor replied, “Mr. Fulcher’s physical indicators from the examination are all good.”

Diana breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing that. She had thought something was seriously wrong.
“Then why did you say there was a problem with this examination?”

Ever since she arrived here, she had been alternately

intimidated by Kiki and the doctor. She didn’t want to spend another minute in this place.

Once she returned home, she would immediately inform Julian and make sure he avoided all hospitals
related to the Stewart family for future check-ups.

If there was none in Richburgh, then she would search in other provinces and cities.

If other provinces and cities didn’t have it, then she would search abroad!

In short, she never wanted any relationship with Kiki again!

“But…” Just as Diana was about to push the door open, Kiki suddenly shouted and stopped her. “It’s
precisely because all the indicators are good that it’s tricky.”

At this moment, Diana felt a rush of dizziness.

She knew very well that it wasn’t due to morning sickness.

It was because of fear.

Fear of what Kiki was about to say.

But when it came to Julian, she had to calm down.

Diana turned to look at Kiki. “What exactly do you want to say?”

“Julian’s condition is terrible,” Kiki said, no longer beating around the bush. “Let me put it this way: if he
doesn’t receive treatment, his weight will continue to drop, and the vomiting will increase. We don’t
even know if there will be other symptoms in the future. Only my father can say for sure. But he will die.
Anyone can see that.”

“You’re talking nonsense!” Diana was furious. “I know you harbor ill will toward Julian!”

She had seen it that day at the hospital.

There was something off in the way Kiki looked at Julian.

This woman had come to the hospital early today, so maybe she had already conspired with the
hospital to deceive her.

There was something fishy going on here.

Diana’s hands trembled with anger. “It’s normal to like someone and want to be with them.”

She could accept that.

But what she couldn’t accept was… “How can you curse him like that?”

Kiki said Julian would die. What kind of sick joke was that?!

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