Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 729

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The visiting doctor looked hesitant and replied, “It’ll take two days for Mr. Fulcher’s examination results
to come out, ma’am. Some tests require laboratory analysis, which won’t be that quick.”

Diana sensed their anxiety and immediately expressed understanding. “It’s okay, I was just curious.
Once the results are out, please deliver them to me as soon as possible.”

The doctor glanced at Julian for confirmation.

With an outsider present, his face remained cold like an iceberg, instilling fear in anyone who looked at

His words were even more intimidating after he noticed the doctor’s actions. “Are you unwilling to listen
to her instructions?”

The doctor quickly understood and hastily replied, “Don’t worry Mr. Fulcher! We’ll definitely deliver the
examination results to ma’am as soon as possible!”

“Don’t scare them.” Diana signaled to the doctor with her eyes, then pulled Julian towards the dining
room. “Since you obediently went for the examination. I’m sure it must’ve

been tiring, right? I’ll give you a reward.”

Then, she instructed Mrs. Lay to bring out the food.

Mrs. Lay seemed to want to say something, but when she saw Julian gazing at Diana with eyes almost
drowning in adoration, she smiled instead and went into the kitchen to do as she was told.

Mrs. Lay had wanted to inform them that this meatball soup might be a little too sour.

But as long as it’s made by the lady of the house, Julian probably won’t find fault with it.

Still, the taste was really too sour.

So sour, it was a direct assault on one’s brain.

Julian frowned. “You didn’t throw up in the morning?”

He lifted the thermos lid and asked in concern, “Why did you go through so much trouble to cook for

“I did throw up.” She said and stuck out her tongue. Before Julian got angry, she quickly added, “But
I’ve gotten used to it.” She asked him not to be mad and continued, “Since I got pregnant, you’ve taken
care of all my meals and massaged me tirelessly every night. No matter what time I wake up, you
always hand me a cup of warm water.”

As she spoke, tears welled up in her eyes. “I also want to do something for you.”

She was pregnant, not terminally ill.

Julian pampered her and took care of almost everything for her, but those weren’t reasons for Diana to
be acting in such a melodramatic manner.

Regardless, Julian understood where she was coming from.

Diana had always been stubborn, so Julian didn’t say much and simply picked up a spoon. “I’ll have a

To his surprise, the sour smell grew even stronger when he lifted the lid. Julian momentarily held his
breath and quickly picked up a meatball before putting it in his mouth.

His face relaxed in the instant he looked up as he said, “It’s delicious!”

Seeing him enjoy the food, Diana immediately felt relieved.” That’s good. It’s my first time making it, so
I was worried it wouldn’t taste good.”

After saying that, she also took a spoonful to eat. As she chewed, she said, “It’s not really sour

After Diana’s morning sickness worsened, her taste buds became more sensitive to sourness, but she
hadn’t noticed it.

She dabbed her mouth and asked Julian, “What do you think? n

Julian’s teeth were almost overwhelmed by the acidity, and he said hesitantly, “Well… I think this is

“No,” Diana said seriously. “You can’t always refuse to criticize me. You should tell me if it’s not good so
I can improve.”

Saying that, she got up and personally added two scoops of vinegar to the meatbail soup. “It should be
better now.”

She served another bowl to Julian and said, “Quick, taste it again.”

Mrs. Lay couldn’t bear to watch. She was about to say something, but Julian shot her a look to silence
her. The power of that gaze was self-explanatory, so she immediately closed her mouth and remained

On the other hand, Diana eagerly awaited Julian’s” evaluation.”

He looked at her expectant expression and simply brought the bowl of extremely sour meatball soup to
his lips, drinking it all in one go.

“It’s great,” Julian said with a smile once he was done. “Give me another bowl.”

Seeing that he seemed to have genuinely enjoyed it, Diana was ecstatic. “It’s great that you have an

These days, he would follow suit when she threw up. Although she didn’t say it out loud, she felt guilty
and blamed herself for his reactions. Being able to cook something appetizing for him to eat a bit more
was truly wonderful!

“It’s delicious, so of course my appetite is great.” Julian said as he endured the soft acidity on his teeth.
He smiled warmly at Diana and continued to heap praises on her. “ Everything you make tastes great.”

Mrs. Lay standing by the side was speechless at the interaction before her. She hadn’t even tasted the
soup yet, and already felt sour from the overwhelming display of affection before her.

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