Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 730

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If Mrs. Lay weren’t present, Diana wouldn’t feel embarrassed by anything Julian said.

But with Mrs. Lay around, Diana couldn’t help but glare at him. “Just eat your food.”

After downing two bowls of extremely sour soup consecutively, Julian’s teeth were on the verge of
being corroded by the acidity.

His teeth probably couldn’t even chew properly now.

However, he acted like nothing was wrong when he spoke to Diana. Seeing her appetite rise and her
eating more than before, he encouraged her, “Next time I cook, I’ll add more vinegar.”

As long as she enjoyed the food, he would adapt to any taste she had.

As the weeks went by, Diana’s symptoms didn’t improve and she continued to throw up frequently.

Mrs. Lay, being experienced in these matters, said, “Nausea and vomiting usually improve after three
months, but there are also some people who continue to vomit until delivery.”

Diana felt frustrated. “When will this end?”

Mrs. Lay smiled. “Madam, all of us women go through this. Just bear with it a little longer.”

However, Julian didn’t want Diana to endure it. That night, he panicked when he saw her vomit
yellowish fluid again, with traces of blood this time.

“Pregnancy is too painful. Let’s not have the baby. Let’s not!”

He grabbed Diana, about to leave. “Let Vans take care of it. We don’t want a child anymore!”

Diana couldn’t believe what she was hearing. “What on earth are you saying?!”

How could they not want the babies they had finally regained?

The memory of being pushed into the operating room by Julian resurfaced, and her eyes were filled
with disappointment and fear.

“You can keep the marriage certificate for yourself!”

She didn’t want to marry a man as heartless as him!

After saying that, she forcefully closed the door with a loud bang.

Julian hadn’t really meant those words. He wanted to experience the feeling of being a father more
than anyone, but when he saw Diana in such pain, it broke his heart.

And so, he had said those things out of desperation.

But those words happened to touch upon the memory that Diana least wanted to recall, which was the
fear of being forcibly pushed into the operating room by Julian. If it weren’t for Vans, the birth father of
her babies would have likely killed them…!

But back then, Julian thought she was carrying Oliver’s child. What about now? He knew very well that
he was the father of the babies. How could he say such irresponsible things?!

“I was wrong,” Julian said as he knocked persistently on the door, his face filled with regret. “I really
messed up.”

He kept knocking and calling out until his voice became hoarse. No matter how much he apologized
and tried to coax her, Diana refused to open the door.

In the end, it was a phone call from the medical institution that finally made Diana step out of the room.
They informed her that Julian’s test results were out, and Diana needed to go in person.

She didn’t think much about it and replied, “I’ll go right away.”

However, she didn’t plan to let Julian accompany her. His words of not wanting the babies still rang in
her ears, and her anger had yet to vanish.

These past two days, she hadn’t let him into the bedroom to sleep. Unable to do anything, Julian had
laid a makeshift bed outside her door.

In fact, she understood he had said those things because he cared so much about her. But no matter
how much he cared, he shouldn’t just say he didn’t want the babies.

She was angry this time because she wanted to make him remember that no matter what happened in
the future, he should never have thoughts of getting rid of their babies.

She intended to carry the babies for the next ten months and give birth to them. They were precious
lives that she considered her own even before delivery. She was willing to endure any amount of
suffering for their sake.

She couldn’t bear to let them suffer the slightest harm, even from herself, much less from Julian, who
suggested she terminate her pregnancy.

She was furious.

But when she pushed open the door and saw the makeshift bed placed outside, her heart softened

This man, who was so particular about cleanliness, was willing to sleep here, on the ground. He did it
just so he could listen to any movement in the room at all times, as he was afraid she might be
uncomfortable during the night and unable to call for help in time.

Forget it.

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