Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 728

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Julian had heard the commotion and immediately woke up. He looked at Diana’s hunched figure with
indescribable distress. All he could do was gently pat her back and hand her some water.

“Here, rinse your mouth.”

But as soon as he said that, Diana heaved again; surprisingly, Julian started throwing up alongside her.

From then on, not only did Diana constantly experience the nauseous feeling of vomiting, but Julian did
as well. Both of them were rapidly losing weight.

Diana felt heartbroken when she saw Julian’s state. “I throw up because I’m pregnant, but you’re not.
Why are you throwing up?”

Worried that she would be overly concerned and that it would affect her health, Julian looked up
information and showed it to her.

“Look, husbands who strongly empathize with their wives will also experience pregnancy symptoms.”

This proved how much he loved her, and he was proud of it!

But now, Julian had grown even thinner than Diana. His once defined jawline now appeared as thin as
a line. He looked gaunt, and his appearance became sharper, like a blade ready to deliver a deadly
blow at any moment. The employees at the company went from being afraid to approach him to not
daring to even look at him.

After much consideration, Diana decided that Julian should undergo a full-body examination. Julian
couldn’t reject her request, but he didn’t want Diana making the long trip to the hospital with him, so he
called a medical team to provide the necessary services at home.

Before the examination, Julian reassured her, “I’m sure I’m fine.”

“Let’s talk about that after the examination,” Diana said, pushing him onto the medical equipment.

If it weren’t for her insistence, those doctors who came to the house wouldn’t dare to force Julian.

Julian couldn’t resist Diana’s demands and took the opportunity to make a request, “After I complete
this examination, go through the remarriage process with me.”

They couldn’t keep delaying it indefinitely.

He would rather just call someone from the Civil Affairs Bureau to come to their house to complete the

Diana had been concerned about this matter as well. If they didn’t go through the process of
remarriage soon, it would be troublesome to register the babies’ births.

They needed to prioritize their remarriage.

However, she still hadn’t gone to the cemetery and told Madam Fulcher about her pregnancy. It wasn’t
like she could invite the old woman to her house like everything else, either…

With that thought in mind, Diana decided that the matter could wait a little longer and that there was no

They should prioritize taking care of themselves and the babies. Even if she didn’t go to the cemetery,
she was sure Madam Fulcher’s spirit would still be happy.

Since it was a comprehensive examination equivalent to a detailed full-body check-up, Julian’s
examination took most of the day.

With some free time on her hands and a break from the nausea and vomiting, Diana sneaked into the

Since she got pregnant, he hadn’t allowed her to enter the kitchen anymore. Seeing that he had no
appetite, she looked up recipes and thought of making meatbail soup for him.

She started by grinding the pork into a paste, then…

The feeling of wanting to throw up surged again.

Diana had gotten used to this constant wave of nausea. She quickly ran to the bathroom to vomit for a
while. After cleaning up, she went out and continued to work in the kitchen.

She opened the cooking tutorial on her phone and followed the next steps. After preparing the filling,
she added salt, spices, and other seasonings. Then she added eggs and a suitable amount of starch,
and finally used a spoon to shape them into small meatballs. She boiled water and prepared coriander,
pepper, and vinegar for the soup base. Once the meatballs were cooked, she scooped them into the

A bowl of delicious meatball soup was ready.

Diana glanced at the time. It was already noon, and Julian was probably done with his examination.
She told Mrs. Lay to keep the meatball soup warm and went upstairs to check on him.

Julian had just finished his examination, and his shirt buttons were still undone. His collarbone was
exposed, revealing a touch of rebelliousness in his appearance that was usually absent.

When he saw Diana approaching, he forgot to fasten the remaining buttons and immediately
approached her to massage her neck and shoulders.

“How are you feeling? Are you tired?”


Since they found out about her pregnancy, he had become extremely anxious and spoke as if nothing
had changed. In reality, ever since they returned from the hospital, he had even put corner guards on
the table edges himself, fearing that Diana might accidentally bump into them.

She smiled and patted his hands that were moving on her shoulder before fastening his shirt buttons
for him.

Then, she looked at the doctor and asked, “How are his examination results?”

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