Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 727

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Vans then added, “Diana doesn’t have obvious pregnancy symptoms yet, so she should take the
chance and eat whatever she wants during this time. At some point, she might start experiencing
nausea and vomiting. When that happens, it’ll be hard for her to keep food down.11

By then, she would throw up no matter what she ate.

Julian noted it and assured Vans, “Don’t worry. I won’t delay a minute in getting her whatever she
wants to eat. When she asks for it, I’ll prepare it for her as soon as possible.”

Diana listened on, feeling a sweetness spreading in her heart. However, she still had a question. “Vans,
why do I often get headaches and shortness of breath lately?”

“That’s due to hypoxia, which results from the babies growing stronger. It’s also one of the pregnancy
symptoms. If you ever feel that way again, let Julian arrange an oxygen concentrator for you at home.
A few breaths of oxygen when you’re uncomfortable will help,” Vans explained.

As soon as he finished speaking, Julian said, “I’ve already made arrangements. The oxygen
concentrator will be installed before we arrive home.”

Vans was speechless. Julian’s speed in doting on his wife was beyond compare…!

On the way home, Diana complained to Julian about him being too cautious and that installing an
oxygen concentrator was unnecessary.

Little did she expect that after resting at home for just one day, when she was about to go out with him
to the cemetery, that familiar sense of suffocation returned.

She immediately ran upstairs to the oxygen concentrator, and took a few deep breaths.

Instantly, her mind felt much clearer, and her breathing became smoother.

Seeing her like this, Julian said, “Let’s not go to the cemetery today.”

His dark and enigmatic eyes concealed a surge of complex emotions as he continued, “I’ll find an
opportunity to go by myself. I’ll inform Grandma, and also visit Aster and Star.”

“Okay.” Diana didn’t dare to take risks since her reactions were quite significant. “I’ll stay home and
focus on taking care of myself.”

Diana didn’t leave the house for a month.

She even hired an assistant for her studio work. After completing the design projects and finalizing
contracts, she would let the assistant handle other tasks. Everything was running smoothly. However,
when she entered the tenth week of pregnancy, everything changed.

She could no longer eat whatever she wanted.

Her previous preferences underwent a drastic change. Foods like fennel, celery, and various strongly
flavored vegetables that she used to dislike became her daily cravings. However, as soon as she took
a bite, she had to run to the bathroom to throw up.

The only things she could keep down, more often than not, was junk food. Spicy noodles, hamburgers,
and pizza, which she used to sneakily eat behind Julian’s back, now became her main diet.

However, even such foods couldn’t stay in her stomach for long before she would throw them all up.
During the more severe bouts of vomiting, food would spray out of her nose, and she would continue to
vomit until it turned into yellow bile.

Each time, it left her in a miserable state.

Julian was both distressed and guilty about her condition.” Did you also suffer like this during your
previous pregnancy?”

At that time, she even had to keep her pregnancy a secret from him.

How had she managed to endure such intense vomiting?

“No,” Diana waved her hand. “Last time, I only threw up a few times, and it wasn’t as severe.”

It didn’t reach the point of throwing everything she ate. But later, when the pregnancy progressed, she
lost her babies…

The thought of her previous miscarriage weighed heavily on Diana’s mind.

“I’ll go to bed early tonight.”

However, it turned out that sleeping early was not as effective as sleeping well.

Just after midnight, she was awakened by a strong sense of nausea. She suppressed the urge to throw
up as she quickly got up and made her way to the toilet bowl with frightening precision as someone
walking in the dark.

Holding onto the toilet bowl, she began to throw up violently.

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