Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 726

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Diana was even more surprised when she heard Julian’s words.

After learning about Simon’s existence, she hadn’t expected him to be so indifferent toward Madam
Fulcher’s concealment and his parents’ betrayal.

Regardless, she replied sincerely, “I also planned on going there.”

But considering Julian’s state of mind, she hadn’t brought it up-

“Luckily, you don’t mind,” she said.

Julian’s mind was filled with only her at this moment, and he didn’t have time to carefully consider the
deeper meaning behind her words.

Smiling, he said, “What’s there to mind? It’s not the terminal illness I imagined, but rather the joyous
news of a pregnancy. As long as you’re in good health, you can still go out as long as you do things in

Diana nodded. “As long as you’re sure..”

If he couldn’t move on because of Simon and held resentment toward his grandmother and parents,
that would be more heartbreaking than the sudden appearance of a younger brother.

Diana’s cautious expression amused Julian. She had changed quite a bit since her return.

“You don’t have to care so much about my opinion,” he said, not knowing that Diana was anxious
because of the situation with Simon.

He thought her current behavior was because of the previous miscarriage, which made her overly
sensitive and concerned about his feelings.

“If you want to go and share this good news with Grandma, we’ll go,” he added.

He wouldn’t be too harsh on Diana because of her previous miscarriage. He wouldn’t treat her
pregnancy like imprisonment and confine her to the house.

Then, he added, “I’ll accompany you wherever you want to go.”

This time, he wouldn’t stay separated from her again. He would take good care of her during her
pregnancy and share the responsibility of being a parent with her.

After hearing his words, a multitude of delicate flowers bloomed in Diana’s heart. She felt as if she had
been nourished by the rain of a spring day, with everything falling perfectly into place.

She held his broad hand tightly, her thoughts no longer dwelling on the blood relation between him and
Simon, nor did she ask him about his plans for handling the situation.

After all, no matter how it was handled, he would do it better than her.

With this, she no longer needed to explain what had happened on New Year’s Eve.

However, Julian’s thoughts were different from what Diana had imagined. Until now, he still didn’t know
why Diana didn’t return home on New Year’s Eve.

He simply believed in her, so he didn’t need her to explain.

Little did he know, leaving this matter unexplained would eventually lead to significant problems in the
near future.

Kiki stood on the side, unable to integrate herself into their conversation. They seemed to ignore her
when she spoke, treating her as if she were invisible.

It was a truly terrible feeling.

At the same time, it made her extremely envious.

It would be wonderful if she could replace Diana and enjoy that kind of exclusive affection with Julian. If
that happened, he would even accept the baby in her belly, right?

Then she could truly enjoy pregnancy and the joy of becoming a mother, just like Diana.

When Kiki thought about how Julian had just crouched and talked to Diana’s barely visible baby bump,
claiming the babies calling him “Daddy,” she wanted to laugh.

That reserved and icy man turned out to be so tender…!

For now, she couldn’t think of any way to replace Diana. Without anything to do, she could only leave
the hospital and think about it slowly after returning home.

Just as Kiki left, Vans appeared with the test results. He found Julian.

Julian didn’t pay much attention to Kiki’s departure, and anxiously asked Vans about Diana’s pregnancy

“Her progesterone level is low, but it’s better than I expected. It doesn’t pose a risk of miscarriage, but
we still can’t ignore it,” Vans said as he handed two boxes of medication to Julian.

He explained to Diana, “I’ve already had the pharmacy prepare these. These are progesterone pills
that can help supplement the deficiency in your body. Drink more soy milk at home, as it can also help
stabilize the pregnancy.”

Julian quickly took the medication and asked carefully,” How many times a day should she take them?
Before or after meals?”

“Once a day,” Vans replied. “Take it half an hour after breakfast.”

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