Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 725

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What advice could Kiki want from Diana?

The Stewart family was a family of traditional medical practitioners. Even if Kiki didn’t possess medical
skills herself, her family members were all well-versed in traditional medicine.

Especially her father, who was a renowned figure in the field and received special government
subsidies. Once she announced her pregnancy at home, she would receive countless suggestions.

She didn’t need to pretend to ask Diana questions in an insincere manner, as she was attempting to do
right now.

Julian, who had finally reunited with Diana after a long separation, had no intention of being disturbed
by anyone- especially not Kiki, who lacked discernment. He shot her down and sneered, “There’s no
advice to give you.”

His gaze had turned ice-cold, as dark as an endless abyss- it immediately instilled fear in Kiki’s heart.
She felt that she would perish on the spot if he looked at her for another moment.

There was nothing she could do but lower her head. By doing so, she could avoid his gaze, which was
the only way she could stay a little longer.

“Alright then, Julian. Thank you for accompanying me to the hospital today.”

Julian selectively ignored her blatant lies. When Diana wasn’t around, he couldn’t bring himself to pay
attention to any other woman. Now that Diana was beside him, he had no extra space in his mind to
spare any other thoughts.

Thus, every word spoken by Kiki seemed to be directed at thin air; no one responded to her.
Meanwhile, Diana and Julian exchanged glances filled with infinite sweetness, as if the red thread of
fate connected them.

Was this what love looked like?

As Kiki watched them, she couldn’t help but envy the cold indifference Julian displayed when Diana
was absent.

She longed for a love like that.

Julian noticed Kiki’s intense gaze, but he didn’t care. After all, he had grown accustomed to being
stared at in such a way from a young age. Back when he was at Fulcher Inc., there were even female
employees who crashed into the company’s glass windows just to catch a glimpse of him, which
resulted in their immediate dismissal.

But Diana…

He quickly tried to explain, “It’s a misunderstanding. There’s nothing between Kiki and me—”

Before he could finish, Diana raised her hand and covered his lips. “I know.”

He deeply loved her, and would never betray her. And she felt the same way.

“On New Year’s Eve…”

“I already know.” Julian was moved by Diana’s trust in him, realizing that his suspicions about their
relationship during that period were completely unfounded.

Now, all he wanted was to cherish the present moment with Diana.

What had happened on the new year’s eve no longer mattered. He didn’t want to hear about it and
didn’t want to bring it up again. What mattered was that, no matter what happened, he believed they
wouldn’t end up like his parents- pretending to be together while secretly drifting apart. Diana wouldn’t
do anything that would hurt their relationship by having an illegitimate child.

Diana was astonished by his words, and held his hand tightly while looking at him. It couldn’t have
been easy for Julian to suddenly accept the existence of a newfound younger brother.

And yet, she hadn’t been by his side all this time; now, she regretted leaving him for so long.

The anger from their previous fight had completely dissipated, leaving only heartache as she
whispered, “You already know?”

“Yes.” Julian had no idea she was referring to her visit to see Simon on New Year’s Eve and
discovering the truth about Simon’s parentage. He thought she just wanted to explain what had
happened that day.

But what was there to explain? He trusted her, and that was enough. He didn’t want to bring up the
days before she left, or reminisce about his own foolish suspicions regarding her feelings for him.

“It’s all in the past.”

He changed the subject, not giving Diana a chance to dwell on the past. “Once we’re done with Vans
and everything is okay, let’s go to the cemetery.”

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