Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 723

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Julian saw through Kiki’s thoughts instantly, and said, “We’re getting remarried today.”

He was determined not to give anyone the chance to say that he and Diana weren’t husband and wife.

As for Diana, he held her hand tightly and told her, “Don’t be afraid. No matter what happens to you, I’ll
be with you. Even if you have a terminal illness, I’ll never give up. Even if I have to search the world for
renowned doctors, I’ll definitely cure you.”

His tone was filled with sorrow, his eyes expressing deep affection mixed with sadness. Diana couldn’t
help but laugh and gently tapped his forehead. “What are you thinking?”

Julian froze. “What’s wrong?”

Everyone around him was acting so mysteriously. Was it because Diana had a terminal illness and they
couldn’t bring themselves to tell him, so he had to wait for Diana to reveal it herself?

“Take a look at this,” she said, utterly speechless about Julian’s thought process. “Seriously, how can
such a capable CEO be so clueless?”

She handed him the lab report she had hidden behind her.

Julian looked down and saw the words written on it, but was confused.

What was this? Progesterone? The word “pregnancy” was in there…

Was Diana pregnant?!

The thought of this possibility made his hands tremble. He quickly took out his phone to search for what
the word meant, but in his haste, he accidentally dropped it.

The screen shattered.

This…didn’t seem like a good sign.

His heart skipped a beat, and he dared not search any further.

“Diana, please tell me,” Julian pleaded. “I saw the words on the report and thought you were

But how could that be possible?

She didn’t even have her period since her miscarriage. Her body wasn’t ready yet, and without
ovulation, pregnancy was impossible.

Something unfortunate must have happened, which was why she hesitated and didn’t want to tell him.

Diana had considered various possible reactions from Julian when he found out she was pregnant, but
she didn’t expect it to be the current one.

She couldn’t help but roll her eyes and say, “Yes, I’m pregnant.”

When Kiki told him earlier that she was pregnant, Julian didn’t seem this incredulous. Why did he act
like a fool now that he was before her?

“We were only apart for one month, and you’ve turned silly?” Diana teased. “Will you still be able to
support me and our babies in the future?”

The more Julian listened, the more confused he became. Various emotions flashed across his face,
never settling on one.

“Diana… What are you saying? Why can’t I understand anything?”

As he spoke, he held her hand and sat down on a chair in the hallway. His long legs stretched out in
the middle of the corridor, attracting the attention of people around them.

Everyone wondered inwardly how such a good man could become so foolish!

His reaction amused Diana, who could barely contain her laughter. She took out the ultrasound scan
she had done in the small seaside town.

“Look at this.”

Clearly written on it was “Early Pregnancy.”

He read it softly, then said, “I know, it’s the same as Kiki’s.”

After Kiki had received the ultrasound scan with those words written on it, she had told him, “Julian, I’m
pregnant. I’m really pregnant.”


Once again, the word echoed in his mind and his hands trembled uncontrollably. He looked up at
Diana, his eyes already turning red. “You’re…pregnant? You’re really…?”

“Yes, I am!” Diana pointed to the image on the ultrasound scan. “Look here, two gestational sacs. This
time, it’s twins.”


Aster and Star were coming back!

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