Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 724

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Julian was incredibly excited and unsure how to describe the emotions he felt at this moment.

Although he had never mentioned it to Diana, he blamed himself for losing their two babies. But now,
Diana told him that she was pregnant again. And with twins, at that!

It was the most primal sense of awe and joy, a tremor reaching the depths of his soul.

He would have his own children again.

“Thank you. Thank you!” he yelled, overwhelmed, as he hugged Diana. The man, who was usually cold
and reserved, didn’t hide his true emotions in front of everyone.

Diana understood his complex feelings and hugged him just as tightly in return.

“Silly,” she said. She caressed the top of his head gently.” Didn’t I tell you over the phone that I had
good news for you? If

Who knew he would think of a terminal illness? He refused to believe it, even after showing him the lab
report and the ultrasound scan. It was only when she pointed to the gestational sacs in the image that
he finally reacted.

“Let me hearthem,” Julian said as he crouched and carefully embraced Diana’s waist, disregarding the
onlookers ‘ gazes. He leaned forward in front of her abdomen like a

fool. “I hear it. I hear it!”

Seeing him like this, Diana couldn’t help but find it amusing.” What did you hear?”

“I hear them calling me Daddy,” Julian said. He looked up, gazing at Diana with reddened eyes. “Do
you think they’ve come back?”

“I don’t know.” Diana shook her head earnestly. “But I do know that regardless if they’re Aster and Star,
they’ve chosen us to be their parents.”

Kiki finally understood.

This woman before her was named Diana, and like her, Diana was also pregnant. The difference was
that Diana’s child was Julian’s flesh and blood, welcomed and anticipated by the couple.

Whereas her baby was unwelcome, even despised by her.

“Let’s find Vans,” Julian seemed to have forgotten about Kiki’s presence completely. His heart and eyes
were filled with nothing but Diana as he carefully supported her and walked toward Vans’s office.

But after taking a few steps, he suddenly stopped as if realizing a grave mistake. He turned to Diana
and said, “No, that won’t do. I’ll have Vans come here.”

With her current condition and having just returned after a long journey, it wasn’t suitable for her to walk
around anymore.

“We’ll wait for him here.”

Diana initially wanted to refuse, but seeing Julian’s serious expression, she instantly gave in.

“Alright, I’ll sit here.” She patted the seat beside her. “You sit down and rest too.”

She also wanted to take this opportunity to talk to him about the things they should have clarified
before she left, and tell him all about Simon’s background.


She was about to speak when Kiki interrupted her. “Hello, I’m Kiki Stewart.”

Her woman’s intuition told her that Kiki had ulterior motives toward Julian. With his charm, it had always
been this way. Otherwise, Kayla wouldn’t have gone to such absurd lengths just to be with him.

So, Diana might as well face it head-on.

With that in mind, she reached out to shake Kiki’s hand.” Hello, I’m Diana Winnington.”

Their fingertips touched briefly before quickly separating.

“Both of us are expectant mothers now.” Kiki pushed Julian aside and stood beside Diana shamelessly.
“But from what I heard, Diana, it seems like you’ve had a baby before, so this isn’t your first

That statement struck a painful chord. Diana’s smile gradually faded, and a trace of sorrow flashed in
her eyes. She bit her lip to hide her anguish and replied, “Yes, this isn’t my first pregnancy.”

Julian couldn’t bear to listen any longer, but he didn’t dare to shout as he feared that it might startle the
little babies in Diana’s womb. He could only suppress his anger and glare sharply at Kiki.

“Please leave!” he hissed.

“I can’t leave,” Kiki declared boldly. She continued shamelessly, “This is my first pregnancy, and there
are many things I don’t understand. I’d like to seek advice from Miss Winnington.”

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