Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 722

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Diana had been looking forward to her pregnancy all the way, and she had been filled with joy as she
rushed back to Richburgh to share the news with Julian as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly, just as she was about to say it, she ran into him with another woman.

She heard with her own ears as the woman told him: “Julian, I’m pregnant!”

Did this woman and the child in her womb have any connection to Julian?

Julian loved Diana very much, didn’t he? Would he really do something to hurt her?

Perhaps she had misunderstood that scene-or so Diana told herself as comfort, but she couldn’t help
but sigh as she touched her lower abdomen. Subconsciously, she hid the lab report she held behind
her back.

“Julian,” she called out softly, moving to stand before him.

Seeing the woman he had been yearning for suddenly appear before him, Julian’s eyes revealed
nothing but surprise and joy.

But in the next instant, his expression suddenly turned cold.

He took a few steps forward and grabbed Diana’s arm tightly, then stared intently at her. He wished he
had x-ray eyes that could scan every inch of her body.

“How’s your health? Why did you come to the hospital right after coming back?”

What exactly did she want to say to him?

“I’m fine.”

With the way he was acting right now, it was obvious that Julian still cared about her. Diana’s heart
finally relaxed a little.

She looked at Kiki, who was still crouching on the ground, and held back the frown that threatened to
form on her face. Biting her lips, she asked Julian, ’ Who is she?”

“She’s Kiki.” Julian finally realized the pinched look on Diana’s face, and that she might have
misunderstood the situation. Upon realizing that, he hurriedly explained, “Kiki and I were classmates in
college before. When I was on the way to the hospital to see you, I happened to run into her.”

“It’s not a coincidence!” Kiki insisted. She raised her head, tears streaming down her face as she
looked at Diana. “He came here specifically with me.”

As she spoke, she scanned Diana from head to toe.

Kiki considered herself familiar with all the socialites in Richburgh, but she had never seen anyone as
beautiful as Diana. Diana was akin to a quietly blooming lotus, delicate- looking yet possessing a
sacred strength that made it impossible to look away. Her demeanor was such that all who met her
would genuinely adore her from the bottom of their heart.

No matter how wonderful Diana was, Kiki couldn’t bring herself to like Diana.

Her presence was a threat.

Kiki raised her head, wiped away her tears, and looked at Diana cautiously.

“Who are you?”

Julian shoved Kiki aside and declared in a dignified manner, “She’s my wife! If my wife is upset
because of you, I can guarantee that news of your pregnancy will quickly reach the ears of your family.”

He knew very well that it shouldn’t be leaked. Yet, he used it as a threat against her.

The usually proud Julian had stooped so low.

Kiki seemed to grow even more interested in Julian because of this, but he no longer spared her a

Instead, he stood anxiously before Diana with furrowed brows as he asked the silent Diana urgently,
“What happened to you? Why did you come to the hospital right after coming back?”

Everyone had kept it from him, saying that Diana would personally tell him what had happened. Until
now, he hadn’t been able to have a real conversation with her. His concerned eyes were filled with
various emotions.

He was usually calm and composed, but at this moment, cold sweat had broken out on his forehead.

Diana observed his reaction without revealing any emotions. She raised her eyes slightly and gestured
toward Kiki with her chin, repeating the words Kiki had just said. “Did you come here specifically with

Julian shook his head repeatedly. “That’s impossible!”

Immediately after, he explained the whole situation to Diana. “This is what happened, Diana. You have
to believe me.”

Sure enough; as long as Diana was willing to ask, he would definitely tell her everything. He wouldn’t
let her down as long as she was willing to trust him.

Diana smiled happily, feeling as if a heavy burden had been lifted completely from her.

“I believe you.”

If she didn’t trust him, she wouldn’t have returned to him. As she said that, she reached out and took
his hand, intending to place it on her lower abdomen. At that moment, Kiki interrupted, “Julian, haven’t
you already divorced?”

Wife? Since when?

Diana was clearly his ex-wife!

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