Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 719

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Julian responded at lightning speed. “You’re going to Central Hospital? What’s going on?!”

“I’m fine.” Diana felt even happier upon sensing his concern for her. An overwhelming sense of
happiness washed over her as her brows lifted in joy. “Julian, I’ll see you at the hospital.”

The news of her pregnancy would surely surprise him.

He’d surely be surprised and happy!

While she was feeling all joyful and excited, Julian’s mind was in a mess.

After hanging up, he immediately rushed out of his office.

He vanished from Fulcher Inc.’s office building in a flash, like a passing gust of wind.

It was only when he settled in his car and stared blankly at the rearview mirror that he realized his
stubble had grown a lot during the time Diana was away. He wasn’t in time to shave himself, and it
made him look older.

He wondered if Diana would mind.

However, he didn’t have time to do anything about it. The moment he heard that she was in hospital,
his heart had risen to his throat and he couldn’t be bothered about anything else aside from rushing
there at once.

He was worried that something untoward might have happened to Diana.

Yet when he reached the hospital, before the car ground to a halt, he heard someone knocking on the

He turned his sharp, cold eyes to the person outside the car. “Kiki?”

He had already rejected her.

As much as he had done something to disappoint her in the past, after what happened with Kayla, he
would no longer do anything that would make someone else easily misunderstand his intentions just so
he could make up for his past mistakes.

As such, Julian had rejected Kiki’s request to accompany her to the hospital to cover up for her
pregnancy check-up.

He didn’t expect to bump into her the moment he arrived at the hospital.

“I knew you’d come!” Kiki wasn’t surprised at all as she stood outside his car, and her face was filled
with confidence. “Julian, get out of your car!”

Of course he wouldn’t do that. He didn’t even want to talk to her.

He just wanted to see Diana as soon as he could. He wanted to see if she had lost weight during the
time when she was away from him, to know why she was at the hospital, and to ensure if she was
feeling unwell in any way.

And what exactly was that good news she spoke of?

Was she willing to get remarried to him as he had hoped, that she had figured things out and was no
longer angry with him? Was she willing to be husband and wife with him again?

However, he never expected to see Kiki the moment he hurried over to the hospital.

“Step aside!” he said sharply, his tone piercing. He coldly wound up the window, intending to tell Kiki to
get lost.

Kiki saw that he had no intention alighting the car. She seized the chance to reach out into the car
window, open the door to the front passenger, seat and hop into the car.

“Let’s go.” She turned to look at him shamelessly, as if not comprehending what he had said. “Your face
is as black as it was before.”

Nevertheless, still so handsome.

So handsome that he could drive every woman mad with desire.

It was especially attractive to a woman like her, who was in desperate need for comfort after going
through something as terrifying and disgusting as being raped.

Just with one glance, she knew Julian was the man who could give her the comfort she needed.

She wanted him all for herself, and was bent on clinging on her entire life!

Julian’s patience with her was wearing thin. “Get the hell out of my car!”

He glared at her, gritting his teeth, feeling absolutely no joy at having reunited with an old classmate.
Instead, he looked at her in disdain. “Kiki, don’t make me despise you.”

Kiki remained gleeful, her petite face made stunning by her wavy hair and exquisite Agucci suit.

“Julian, you’re still the same as before! You’re cold on the outside but warm-hearted on the inside. You
mistook me as the one who sent you the love letter and even recited the letter before everyone in
school, declaring I was the one who wrote it. Yet, you secretly bought a week’s worth of breakfast for

In everyone’s eyes, Julian was the ice prince who didn’t bother himself with trivialities of the mortal

No one would believe that he was capable of apologizing and even buying someone breakfast.

“That’s been a secret I’ve kept in my heart all these years.” Kiki blinked innocently at him. “I’ve never
told anyone about it.”

“Since you’ve been keeping it a secret, why are you telling me about it now?” Julian asked her, his tone

Kiki said, “I don’t care.”

She grabbed the car door handle tightly and declared, “You have to go with me for a pregnancy check-
up today. If you don’t, I’ll stay in your car and never leave!”

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