Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 717

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“No, no.” Diana stared at the two pregnancy test kits in her hand as she sobbed harder.

The initial shock, joy and disbelief had all but vanished, giving way to unease and guilt.

“I…I did a CT scan. Nina, I did a CT scan!” She sobbed even harder. “You can’t do that when pregnant,
I checked it out… Apparently, it can affect a fetus very badly.”

In severe cases, it might result in deformities in the baby.

Diana’s worry went beyond the paltry medical knowledge Nina had.

“Don’t panic first,” Nina said. “I’ll call Vans right away and ask him what we can do now that you’ve
done a CT scan.”

“Okay.” Diana calmed down a little upon hearing Vans’s name. ‘Til do a blood test first.”

Only a blood test could gauge her HOG level and estimate the exact time of conception.

‘You’re definitely pregnant.” The doctor looked at her HCG level. “At around six to seven weeks.”

With that, the doctor looked up at Diana and asked, “Do you want to keep it?”

Diana’s brain seemed to have ground to a halt as she looked back at the doctor, stunned. “Keep it?”

Keep what?

The gynae had seen many of such cases, and felt frustration rising up his chest. He repeated his
question, ‘The baby! Do you want to keep it or not?”

‘Yes, yes!” Diana snapped back to attention as she nodded profusely. “Doctor, I want to keep the baby!”

This was a baby the heavens blessed her with.

It was a baby both her and Julian looked forward to.

How could she possibly not treasure the baby?

“Okay,” the doctor said. “Go for an ultrasound and then come back to me again later.”

Diana immediately made payment and then queued up at the hospital for a long time.

This place was different from where she had her CT scan. Pregnant ladies filled the place.

Some of them came alone, just like her, while some were accompanied by their husbands and elders of
the family.

If Julian were to find out that she was pregnant, he definitely wouldn’t let her come here alone.

The thought of Julian made Diana caress her stomach carefully as joy filled her heart.

This was great!

She was pregnant again.

After a while and having downed two glasses of water, she held her urine to the point of almost losing
control. It was then when she finally went into the ultrasound room to call for help. “Doctor, I’m ready.”

“Okay, come in, undress yourself, and lie down.” The doctor rubbed a gel on Diana’s stomach and
placed the transducer probe on her stomach. “There’s a gestational sac, but no heartbeat detected.”
She then rattled off a bunch of figures to another doctor who was recording all the ultrasound data.

Diana could only remember the statement, “Gestational sac, no heartbeat detected.”

She was really pregnant.

However, there was no heartbeat detected yet.

This time, she didn’t panic given her previous experience with being pregnant. She knew she was still
too early in her pregnancy, and more time was needed before the fetal heartbeat could be detected.

What she was worried about was, “Doctor, are there one or two gestational sacs?”

‘Two.” The doctor looked up at her with a smile. “Is this your first pregnancy? Congratulations, it’s

It was just a casual question, but Diana’s dream had come true.

She felt her head spinning.


She was pregnant with twins again!

But this time, there were two gestational sacs; it was different from last time, when both babies shared
one gestational sac. She was now carrying non-identical twins, which meant there was a 50% chance
the babies might be of different genders.

If they were of the same gender, then Aster and Star were really coming back to her!

If they were of different genders…that would be a great blessing too!

No way.

She had to tell Julian the news right now!

But the moment Diana took her phone out, she changed her mind.

She decided it was better not to say something so important over the phone. This time, she had to see
the look on his face in person and see how excited he was.

She had to pack her bags and return to Richburgh right now!

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