Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 716

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Pregnancy test kit?

After being tense all day, Diana finally burst out laughing at Nina’s words. “What in the world are you

“I can’t possibly be pregnant! The last time I got pregnant, it was only after three whole years that I
managed to

conceive. This time…”

She and Julian…

Had only done it that one time on new year’s eve.

“Are you silly?” Nina wished she could pinch Diana by her ear and yell into it. “Did you forget what
Julian made you take before?”

“That’s a long-term contraceptive!”

“You won’t conceive if you take that! You might have gotten pregnant one time during those three
years, but in actual fact, you only had the chance to conceive after you stopped taking the

Nina went on yelling. ‘Whatever it is, hurry up and get a kit and do the test. For all you know, your two
babies are back!”

How could that be…?

Although Diana often said that she wished for Aster and Star to come back, everyone knew it was
nothing but a beautiful dream.

A dream that could never come true.

After all, the chances of conceiving twins were way too small.

What’s more, she had just miscarried. How could she possibly be pregnant with twins again?

She found it difficult to be pregnant with one baby, not to mention twins.

“My menstruation usually comes late.” How could she ovulate and get pregnant like other ladies?

Whatever it was, she didn’t believe she could be pregnant.

Nina immediately explained things to her, “Pituitary glands may not necessarily expand because of a
tumor. Pregnancy may also mess up the hormones in your body and cause an expansion in your
pituitary glands!”

She wasn’t a doctor and wasn’t able to provide a very professional explanation.

In fact, she could even feel her head spinning after that short explanation, and she started doubting
whether her suspicions might be wrong.

In the end, Nina could only urge Diana once again, “I don’t care. You must take a picture of the results
of your pregnancy test kit for me. I’ll only believe that you’re not pregnant with that photo.”

Seeing how stubborn Nina was being, Diana had no choice but to give in.

‘Why are you so stubborn?” She thought Nina might be subconsciously unwilling to accept that she
was ill. “Since I can’t win against you, I’ll give you proof.”

With that, Diana immediately went to the pharmacy opposite the hospital, bought a pregnancy test kit,
and headed into the washroom.

After one second.

After two seconds.

Three seconds.

Then, four seconds…

Before she was done counting the fifth second, she saw two lines appearing on the test kit.

Two lines?!!

Two lines!!!

She was really pregnant again!

Diana stared at the test kit in disbelief. She tore open another test kit with trembling fingers, and did the
test again.

The results were the same.

By the time she walked out of the washroom, tears were streaming down her face uncontrollably.

“Nina…” she called through her tears. “I’m pregnant. I’m really pregnant again. Nina, what…what
should I do now?”

Nina was finally relieved.

As long as it wasn’t a pituitary tumor, everything was fine.

Although medical technology was advanced, pituitary tumors were susceptible to relapse.

If Diana was really ill, it might not just be a matter of doing one surgery and being done for good.

However, pregnancy was another matter altogether.

It was fantastic news!

“Silly!” Nina’s voice turned tender. “What else can you do? Call Julian right now and tell him about it!”

That cold face of his would surely melt.

Nina wanted to laugh out loud at the mere thought of it.

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