Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 715

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Her throat felt stuck, and it made breathing difficult. Her brain was in a constant blur because of the
lack of air.

She felt as though her feet were stepping on clouds, weak and floaty. She couldn’t stand up properly,
and even her sleep quality was affected.

Her plans to pack up and head back to Richburgh were therefore delayed.

She decided to go to the hospital for a check-up.

“Ms. Winington, how long ago was your last menstruation?”

“Menstruation?” She was feeling a shortness of breath and having a slight headache. She wasn’t
having stomach cramps, so why was the doctor asking her about her menstruation?

However, she replied obediently anyway. “Around three to four months ago.”

After she miscarried, her period hadn’t come since then.

Julian told Vans about it, and Vans said that her body was still weak and that she should try to bulk up
on nutrition before resorting to taking medicine; and that was only if she felt seriously unwell.

Thus, Diana never took her late period to heart.

Now that the doctor asked her about it, her heart leapt to her throat. She asked nervously, “Does my
delayed menstruation have anything to do with my brain fog?”

“Yes,” the doctor replied, “I suspect you have pituitary tumors in your brain.”

He looked down and scribbled some words on his paper. ” Go and make payment for a CT scan.”

“Pituitary tumors in my brain?” Diana asked in shock. “What is that?”

Brain tumor…

Wasn’t that very serious?

She unlocked her phone and started searching online. “Brain pituitary tumors are the third most
common brain tumor observed in adults, third to meningiomas and glioblastoma


The more she read about it online, the more she began to panic.

The condition also includes symptoms such as fattening of limbs, headaches, and poor eyesight…

Now that she thought about it, she had been experiencing all these symptoms recently.

Not only had she been gaining weight, she also felt that her eyesight was worsening. Her headaches
were a common occurrence as well.

Yesterday, she could hardly catch her breath and felt suffocated.

Three hours later, the CT scan was out.

Diana went back to the consultation room and handed the scan to the doctor. “What do you think? Is
there really a pituitary tumor in my brain?”

“I can’t confirm it right now,” the doctor said. ‘This is an emergency consultation room, and I can only
briefly take a look at it for you. If you want a more thorough diagnosis, you’ll have to get a number for a
proper consultation tomorrow. But…”

The doctor grabbed a pen and circled the upper central part of her brain scan. ‘This part has expanded
in size, and differs from that of a normal pituitary tumor.”

He went on, “It might be a pituitary tumor, but don’t worry. Given how advanced medical technology is
right now, there’s no need to crack open the skull. This condition can be treated by pinhole surgery
through the nose.

But after the surgery, you won’t be able to move for around one week. It’ll be best to have your family
members around to take care of you.”

Family members?

Did that refer to Julian?

She had wanted to get some fresh air and seriously think about their relationship when she left. Yet
now, before she had the chance to give Julian any sort of reply, she had to call him and tell him that
she needed someone to take care of her after she went through surgery.

She knew that as long as she asked him, he would surely come.

However, she didn’t want to ask that of him. She didn’t want to have someone as high and mighty as
him to see her unable to take care of her own basic needs.

But if she were to let the tumor grow, it might press on her nerves and even cause blindness…

“Don’t panic,” Nina comforted her immediately upon receiving her call. “If you really require surgery, I
can take care of you.”

This was a brain tumor, after all.

Nina told Diana not to panic, but in actual fact, she felt even more anxious than Diana.

She paced back and forth nervously as she mumbled incessantly to Diana, “Firstly, this isn’t a severe
disease. It’s just a minor surgery, just that the post-surgery care might be slightly troublesome…

Wait! Something’s wrong!”

She suddenly yelled, frightening Diana out of her wits.

Diana asked in her shock, ‘What’s wrong?”

With a smile, Nina asked, “Did you get a confirmed diagnosis or not?”

“No, I didn’t…” Diana said, clearly distressed, “but it probably won’t be wrong.”

The CT scan was very clear.

‘Without the confirmation of an authoritative and professional doctor, you don’t have a confirmed
diagnosis. Everything is just a hunch as of now!” Nina’s tone turned extremely serious. ‘Tell me again
all the symptoms you’ve experienced recently.”

Although she wasn’t a doctor herself, she had become influenced by Vans after spending so much time
with him over the years.

Upon hearing Diana out, Nina rolled her eyes. “Diana Winnington!”

She yelled through gritted teeth, “You! Right now! Go and buy a pregnancy test kit! At once!”

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