Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 714

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Getting jealous was inevitable.

Having misunderstandings was inevitable.

Doubting their relationship just like what was happening now was also inevitable.

But as long as they were certain of the love between them, there would be no fear and hesitation.

So what if he had his flaws? So what if he was overbearing?

As long as he was willing to talk things through with her, Diana believed that Julian wouldn’t be
stubborn in going his own way.

At the end of the day, it was Simon’s existence as the illegitimate son of the Fulcher family that messed
up her mind and made her hem and haw, thinking through what to say to cause the least hurt to Julian.

However, that only served to deepen the misunderstanding between them, which eventually exploded
on his birthday.

After Diana calmed down and thought about it, when had Julian ever rejected her requests?

She was truly foolish.

Diana wished she could call Julian right away and confess her feelings to him in their entirety.

But right now, she could only see the billowing waves of the sea outside the window, as well as the
beautiful sky right above her head through the glass roof.

She laid on the rattan chair as a languorous sense of laziness washed over her.

The sun shone on her, chasing away the cold of the winter and leaving only warmth behind.

She felt even more lazy, and didn’t want to get up.

She simply let herself doze off on the rattan chair.

However, she didn’t sleep for long.

She was awakened by a sudden shortness of breath.

In her dreams, she couldn’t catch her breath-someone seemed to be strangling her so hard, she
couldn’t breathe. She woke up in shock, but the fear still lingered.

Meanwhile, Julian had just woken up from a nap.

The weather was great today, and he came to work at the office as he often did. Somehow, he
managed to doze off to sleep.

Perhaps it was because he stayed up too late the night before, thinking back on his memories with

Over the past few days, he would think back carefully on everything that happened to them in the past.
He depended on those memories to pass the days, and it was almost an addiction for him.

That resulted in him not having much energy in the day time.

He would sometimes end up dozing off in the middle of work.

Ring, ring…!

His phone rang. When he answered the call, Vans’s fiancee Lina Jennings was on the other hand.

“Mr. Fulcher.” She sounded quite mysterious. “Can I ask you for a favor?”

Because she caused Diana to get hit last time, Julian wanted to tell her that ten slaps weren’t enough
to resolve his grudge.

However, he couldn’t find an appropriate opportunity to contact her.

Yet here she was now, knocking on his door.

His interest was piqued. “What favor?”

“Well,” she began, “it’s…”

“Hurry up and cut to the chase.”

He was already showing her mercy by answering her call. He had no time to waste listening to her hem
and haw.

Lina immediately spoke at lightning speed. “I have a friend, and she seems to be pregnant. But
because her family is very strict, she doesn’t dare to go to the hospital for a checkup. She needs a rich
and powerful person to help bring her to the hospital for a check-up.”

After she was done explaining, she fell into a long silence.

Julian almost burst out in frustrated laughter. “So, you thought of me? You want me to help cover up for
your friend and take her to the hospital?”

“Yes…” Lina replied softly. “She’s not just anyone. You even went to the same school as her. She was
the college belle back then.”

Julian chuckled, but his voice was cold as he mocked, “I don’t remember any college belle.”

Whoever this college belle was, she definitely wasn’t as beautiful as his Diana.

Julian initially answered the call just so that he could hear what Lina had to say.

Now that he had heard something so outrageous, he was certain he had enough records of her
mistakes to have a hold over her.

As long as Julian told this to Lina’s parents, she would certainly be subject to severe punishment at
home. He didn’t need to step forward and do anything.

Just when he was about to hang up, he heard a voice wracked with sobs. “Julian, please help me.”

That voice…

Julian was stunned, and realization dawned upon him. ‘You … You’re Kiki Stewart…?”

Meanwhile, Diana had been in a daze over many consecutive days.

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