Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 713

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"I love you so much that sometimes, I don’t even know why I would compromise time and time
again.During our fight this time, I racked my brains everyday thinking about how to make you happy,
but I neglected making myself happy.It was only until today that I suddenly realized that I seem to be a
little too reliant on you ever since we reconciled with each other.The phone card you threw away woke
me up.Julian, our current relationship isn't the kind of love I want.Perhaps it's time for us to calm
down.Give me a month’s time to think through our relationship.After one month, I'll definitely appear
right before you and tell you whether we should continue being lovers, or restart our marriage, or...just
be friends."

The last two words pierced through Julian's heart.He didn't want to be friends with her.He wanted to be
husband and wife with her again.

But now, she had left.She even asked him to give her a month's time, requesting that he not look for

Diana ended the letter with, ""Finally, here’s wishing you a happy birthday.Someone left footsteps on
the wall decorations we didn’t manage to finish putting on the walls, and I bought a new set.I hope you
can put them up on the wall and usher in the blessings of the new year with open arms."

Blessings of the new year? She wasn't even around.

What blessings could he possibly have? Would putting up those wall decorations really bring him
blessings? Just like eating pastries with coins wrapped in them would make one the luckiest person on
earth? Not at all.Diana was the source of all his blessings and luck.Now that she was gone, he no
longer looked forward to these things.It was why he dumped all the pastries she made by hand when
she did not return the entire night on New Year's Eve.

And yet, she wished him a happy birthday.

She wanted him to put up the wall decorations.

Usher in the blessings of the new year with open arms.

In that case, he would do exactly that.

The brightly-colored wall decorations looked even more festive under the sunlight.

Julian’s heart warmed up a tiny bit.He decided that he would give her a month's time.He was certain
she would return.

Not just as friends, but she would return to continue their status as husband and wife.He had that
confidence mainly because he trusted the love Diana had for him.

In the same way she would surely sense his feelings for her, as much as he wasn't perfect.

Julian felt much better once he figured things out.

Diana, on the other hand, missed him terribly.

On the first day she left him, she started missing him.

On the second day she left him, she continued missing him.

On the third day, she began reminiscing on the beautiful memories between them.

On the fourth day, the hours started becoming unbearable.

On the fifth day, her mood improved tremendously as she started getting used to not having Julian by
her side.

But on the sixth, seventh and eighth day...and then the nineteenth day, and then the twenty-sixth day...

Everyday during breakfast, she would miss the sandwiches he had personally prepared for her.

When she made her bed, she would miss the feeling of his side of the bed sinking in slightly.

Even when she walked past a dessert shop, she would wonder if he had a good birthday this year.

Did he finish the cake she ordered for him? She had never missed his birthday over the past three
years, not even once.

Each time they had a cake, the first slice he cut would always be for her.

That taste that lingered on her tongue was so sweet.

And yet, now, she wasn't by his side anymore.He wasn't by her side, either.It turned out that the things
that hurt the most weren't whether their love was true, nor were they major earth- shattering events.

Rather, they were little things one usually doesn't notice.

The mundane and tiny moments they shared were the things that made up their love.

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