Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 712

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But when he returned to the villa, he realized that Diana had left.

Mrs.Lay said anxiously, "Mrs.Fulcher asked me to get the cake, but when I came back, I realized that
even the luggage was gone and there was a letter left on the table."

She handed it to Julian.


The pen ink on the letter hadn't dried yet.It seemed the letter was only recently written.

Julian’s smile froze on his face.He dropped the bouquet, and flower petals scattered across the
floor.He took the letter from Mrs.Lay, but didn’t open it.

"Where did she go?"

"I have no idea, sir."

Mrs.Lay placed the cake on the table.

"The surveillance cameras at home were all switched off, and I can’t tell the direction she left the

Was she so bent on leaving him? Julian collapsed on the chair as he recalled everything that happened
this morning.

Back then...

Did he hurt her too deeply? She said she wanted to explain things to him, but what did he reply to her?
No need.

But...He was in a hurry to head out to meet Simon.It wasn't that he was unwilling to hear her out! And
that phone card.He admitted that he had been too brusque.

Diana wasn't his pet canary, neither was she an object that belonged to him.

She had her own thoughts and insights, as well as her own career that she worked hard to carve
out.She was a living, breathing, whole person.

He should have sought her opinions before coming to a decision.

What's more, on the first day of the new year, he had rejected her proposal to get remarried.

After recalling all that had happened, he realized he had done so much to break her heart over the past
few days.

He was always thinking about giving her the best relationship and giving her as much love as he could;
as big as the whole world.

Yet in the end, he always ended up being the one hurting her the most.

Julian began assessing himself in earnest.

Was he really worse than even Oliver, who schemed against Diana? Perhaps that was why she chose
to stay the night at the Channings on new year's eve, and not come back the entire night.


Noel reported on the news that he heard from the Channings.

"Madam didn’t go to the Channings.Oliver Channing is still working in his office in Channing Inc."

Fulcher Inc. wanting to cut off their collaboration had indeed beleaguered Oliver.

"As for Simon, he went to a hotel to take a break and hasn't done much after parting ways with you
from Winding Highway."

"No need to look for them."

The more Julian thought about it now, the more he found himself a b*st*rd.He really, really shouldn't
have punished Diana and himself because of his parents’ mistake.He shouldn't have doubted her
feelings for him.He did do much for Diana, and was even willing to risk his own life.

However, Diana had also sacrificed a lot for him.

They were clearly very determinedly running toward each other.

However, he began doubting Diana's feelings for him just because of this brother of his that had
suddenly emerged.

A b*st*rd he truly was!

"Don’t search anymore."

Having finally come round, Julian stared at the letter in a daze, as if his soul had been sucked out of
him.He began walking to his room despondently.

The moment he shut the door, he collapsed on the floor dejectedly.

Then, he slowly opened the letter.

"Julian, hope all is well.This is my first time writing you a letter.I didn’t expect it to be under such

Diana’s handwriting was neat and elegant, reflective of her character.It exuded a sense of grace that
somehow managed to calm one down.Her face emerged in Julian’s mind as he went on reading.A
smile broke across his face, and he chuckled.

The letter had her scent on it, which he took in while reading the contents...

"We have gone through many ups and downs over the past three years.I'm not afraid of you laughing
at me for saying this, but sometimes, when I get so heartbroken, the indignation I feel would disappear
the instant I see you.What a loser I am, right? But what choice do I have? I really love you..."

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