Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 711

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That encounter they had before at the Pabian’s was enough for Simon to learn a hard lesson.He no
longer dreamed of swallowing Julian's business empire.

"I just want 10% of the Channings’ business." Simon revealed his intention.

"Help me get it."

And then...

"As for the Fulchers, I want to be acknowledged as a member of the family."

"What grand plans you have!"

Julian had to admit, this brother of his had some brains.

Knowing he couldn't get his hands on the Fulchers’ assets...

Simon set his mind on the Channings, who had raised him.

When did he begin harboring such thoughts? He was as vile and cunning as a serpent.

Julian couldn't help but sneer, "But they remain as mere thoughts.Right now, you have no right to
negotiate with me."

Conversely, him not chasing Simon out of Richburgh was the greatest mercy he was showing to this
illegitimate brother of his.

"What if I stake things on Diana?" Simon taunted.

"No matter how powerful you are, there will be times when you get careless."

Otherwise, Kayla wouldn't have been able to abduct Madam Fulcher and Diana in the past.

"I'll surely find a chance to tell Diana about our relationship."

He was lying on both ends.

On one end, he was lying about Diana not knowing about his relationship with Julian.

On the other end, he also lied about not revealing their relationship to Diana.

Who told them to care so much for each other? Since they cared so much for each other, that would be
their Achilles’ heel.It was also Simon’s golden opportunity to win Diana’s heart and sow discord
between the two of them.

As he had expected, Julian hesitated the moment he heard Simon's words.

"There's no problem with getting shares from the Channings."

That was easy, but...

"As for being acknowledged as a member of the Fulcher family, no way."

If Simon were to threaten him with Diana, Julian had a million ways to make him wish he were dead.

Also, Julian wouldn't give him the shares for nothing.

"After you get shares of the Channings’ family business, don't appear before me and Diana ever


Simon shrugged.


After he got those shares, he definitely wouldn't appear before Diana and Julian.But, if they were to
appear before him of their own accord...

Well, Julian couldn't blame Simon for not keeping his end of the deal.

As for Julian, he didn’t expect Simon to be so easy to deal with.He decided to keep his secret with
Simon from Diana forever.

In his case, he would choose to forget the truth.He would ignore their relationship as brothers and
disregard Simon completely.

As for the grudges between his parents...

That was all in the past.

It didn’t make sense for him to doubt his own relationship just because of them.He and Diana were
ultimately not his parents.

Having finally come round, Julian hurriedly bought a bouquet from the roadside as an apology gift to
Diana for throwing her phone card away.It was the ice blue roses that he once gave her, the ones that
she liked.

Julian decided he would even let go of what happened on the night of new year’s eve.He didn't need
her explanation anymore.He would simply trust her wholeheartedly.He wouldn't even bother celebrating
his birthday...

Instead, he would bring her to the Civil Affairs Bureau and get remarried officially right this instant.He
could only be reassured once they got remarried.It was the only way he could claim that Diana was his
wife with gusto; he would call her his woman before all her admirers...

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