Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 710

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Julian and Simon met by the road of Winding Highway.

By the time Julian rushed there, Simon’s car was already parked at a bend. He was seated on the roof
of the car, swinging his legs in the air while waiting for Julian.

This spot was a blind spot.

If they weren’t careful, cars zooming past might just crash into them and send them flying into mid-air.

Not just the car, but even they would fall off the cliff and end up with their bodies nowhere to be found.

“Come down.”

Although Julian didn’t acknowledge Simon as his brother, he didn’t want to see the latter courting death
right in front of him.

Of course, Simon refused to listen. “The view here on the roof of the car is great.”

He stretched out his hand to Julian. “Come on up and have a seat?”

“No need.” Julian looked at him and said coldly, “No view is better than any view by my wife’s side.”

His words were a direct attack on Simon for contacting Diana in the morning.

He was both implicitly and explicitly telling Simon that Diana was his wife and that he shouldn’t have
any designs on her.

“My brother is resourceful and all-knowing for being able to guess that I fancy my ex-sister-in-law at our
first meeting.” Simon deliberately emphasized the word “ex”, a clear counterattack on Julian.

Julian’s face darkened with fury, and even the air around them turned tense.

However, Simon pretended not to see it and went on, “What can I do? I fancied her the moment my
eyes landed on her. The fluff at the back of her ear makes her look like a little squirrel.”

This coincided with Julian’s fetish for Diana’s nape.

It would never fail to remind him of a little animal, and often gave him the urge to reach out and touch

That was the case for Simon as well; he even made a gesture to Julian. “I’m sure it’ll be comfortable to

“Shut up!” The look in Julian’s eyes turned darker as he leapt onto the roof of the car in one swift
motion. He fixed his dark eyes on Simon and hissed, “Keep thinking of her in that way, and I’ll push you
down from here right now!”

“My brother’s so impressive.” Simon wasn’t at all afraid of Julian despite his aggressive demeanor. He
even mocked the latter, saying, “To think you’d try to murder your own brother at the first meeting.”

He had a devil-may-care attitude when he said those words.

There was stubbornness in his eyes, and not a single hint of fear at all.

It was just like their father, Shane Fulcher, when he was young.

After Shane got married, he became a lot more calm and steady.

Still, many of these things Julian had only heard about from his mother.

Even though Julian had never seen his father when he was young, he juxtaposed Simon and Shane
together in his mind right this moment.

Julian looked more like his mother.

Simon, on the other hand, resembled their father more.

The aura he exuded was something he undoubtedly inherited from their father.

With just one glance, Julian was able to confirm that Oliver had spoken the truth.

He and Simon Channing…

Were indeed brothers of the same father, but different mothers.

This proved that his fears over the past few days had all come to pass.

Be it the betrayal of his father or his grandmother’s lies, they had all become heavy chains that
weighed heavily on his heart.

“Brother, don’t be upset.” Simon looked at him and added on purpose, “I’m not thinking of my sister-in-
law in that way. You two are already divorced, so I have the right to pursue her.”

Oliver had once said the same thing.

“Seems like you’ve learnt quite a lot of nonsense over the years you were with the Channings,” Julian
shot back. “Well, what should I expect from an illegitimate child roaming outside? Righteousness and
propriety? What good things did I expect you to pick up?”

The words “illegitimate child” pierced deep into Simon’s heart.

His smile turned upside down and he yelled angrily, “Say that again!”

“What can you do to me if I did?”

Julian looked coldly at Simon, his eyes dark and murderous, sending chills down one’s spine.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t have exposed my true identity right now and arranged this meeting. I’d keep
under cover until I have the confidence to take over Fulcher Inc. first. Only then would I appear before
the Fulchers and make them all kneel before me and repent their mistake of abandoning me.”

“Yes,” Simon said, “but I can’t do that.”

Julian was an immovable mountain.

No matter how persistent or determined one was, Julian’s business empire remained untouchable.

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