Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 709

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Wasn’t it disrespectful of him to pull out the card from her phone?

Diana stared at him, a slight annoyance in her eyes, as she took a deep breath and said solemnly,
“Julian, my life can’t possibly consist of you alone.”

It was just an ordinary statement.

However, it sent Julian’s keen senses into overdrive. He looked at her in disbelief, “Are you giving up
on me just because of a phone card?”

Diana was baffled. “What nonsense are you spouting?”

She just didn’t want him being so overbearing.

She had done so much and worked so hard in running her work studio. She had rebuilt her own career
and expanded her network just so that she could earn the ability to stand side by side with Julian and
be seen as his equal.

As much as she knew that her achievements were nothing compared to his.

All along, she had been working so hard to achieve equality and respect in their relationship so things
could be sustainable between them.

But right now, him pulling out the card from her phone made her face up to reality.


Was still so overbearing.

He hadn’t changed one bit.

If what happened with Kayla were to repeat itself, they might not do better than before.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t get so jealous just because of one phone call.

“Give me a chance to explain things.” Despite realizing the state of reality between them, Diana
couldn’t bear to fight with him and sour the mood between them since it was his birthday.

She was trying her best to control her emotions. “I’ll give you a clear explanation regarding New Years’
Eve and Simon Channing, but you must give me my phone card back.”

This was a show of respect to her.

“No need for that.” He had flung the phone card into the trash can. If he had to pick it out from the trash
and clean it…

That act alone made him, a clean freak, shudder in disgust.

Still, if it was Diana’s request, he would overcome his preferences.

But since he was in a hurry to leave, he said, “I’ll get Noel to prepare a new card for you. He’ll do it

He was still being obstinate.

He didn’t like her being in contact with Simon and decided to fling her phone card away, just like that.

What difference did this behavior have with him forcing her to return him fifteen million dollars in the

Even after so much had happened, Julian’s character didn’t seem to change one bit.

Diana, on the other hand, had been changing so much for him.

She had been compromising and giving in to him all this while.

Yet, he wasn’t even willing to listen to a word of her explanation.

She looked at his retreating figure, and then at the trash can where her phone card was flung inside.
Bitterness rose in her heart.

Forget it!

If he didn’t want to listen to her explanation, she wouldn’t bother explaining herself.

Before Mrs. Lay could bring the cake back, Diana went out to look for Nina.

Her priority right now was to find an outlet for all her troubles and indignation.

“Damn it! He’s making you sad again.” Nina was naturally on Diana’s side. “You really shouldn’t have
reconciled with him!” Her words pierced right through Diana’s heart. “You think so too?”

Well, not really.

Julian risked his life to block Diana from being stabbed, and he even knelt before her in front of so
many people without regard for his status. These two points alone were things many men were unable
to do.

What’s more, he was handsome and rich to boot.

“Actually…” Nina changed her words. “It’s not wrong of you to reconcile with him. It’s just that he really
needs to kick his bad habit for good.”

He should learn how to talk things through calmly.

Why must he always overreact and do something so hurtful?

‘Yeah,” Diana nodded, “I fished out my phone card from the trash can and inserted it back in my

She really needed to think through her future with Julian.

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