Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 707

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There was no need for him to eagerly hug her legs and warm them.

She was the one who wasn’t being honest. He wasn’t at fault.

He didn’t need to be the first to say sorry.

The atmosphere in the room began to grow tense once again.

Julian’s back was stiff.

Meanwhile, Diana’s heart gradually hardened.

She couldn’t deny feeling expectant when her legs crossed over.

One of them had to be the first to break the ice, after all.

She loved Julian, and was willing to be the one to take the initiative.

Tet, her fighting spirit would be depleted by the second try and become exhausted by the third try.

She had offered an olive branch to him twice: once with the porridge, and the second with her leg.

What’s more, she didn’t stop him from coming into the bedroom and had actually given him three

In the end, he never gave her what she wanted.

She had her pride to preserve, too.

Since he wanted things to stay this way, then so be it.

However, she didn’t expect things between the two of them to remain tense all the way till his birthday.

It was also the first time after getting to know each other that they waged such a long cold war.

Diana laid on the bed, her hand running over the sheets on the other side of the bed, which were still
warm from his body heat. On account of his birthday, she decided to have a proper chat with him. She
had been mulling on what to say to resolve the misunderstanding between them over the past few

As for Julian, he too had been looking forward to this day fora longtime.

He had been holding himself back from getting close to her as he laid next to her in bed over the past
few days.

Right now, he even had to hold himself back from looking blatantly at her, and he was having a terrible
time controlling himself.

The frequency of his baths had increased.

But this time, as a matter of principle, he needed Diana to give him a clear explanation.

But after so many days, even when he was lying right next to her which afforded her the entire night to
give him an explanation, she refused to say anything.

And today was his birthday.

The last time they fought, she promised to give him a clear explanation on his birthday.

Today, he didn’t even bother going to the office.

He decided to wait at home for her explanation.

As long as she made clear the reason she went looking for Oliver, as long as she said that she did not
betray him, that would be the best birthday present he could ever receive…

Yet, Diana was still asleep even after the entire morning passed.

Julian was anxious from all that waiting, and decided to leave the bedroom for the study and wait for
her there instead.

Mrs. Lay knew that this was a golden opportunity for reconciliation, and had told Diana about Julian not
going to the office since long ago.

Diana didn’t need to ponder for very long to figure out that the ever-so-taciturn Julian was waiting for
her explanation.

It seemed he too had enough of this silent cold war, and was looking forward to this day.

Diana chuckled inwardly, chiding themselves for being so immature this time.

At the same time, she was thankful that today was his birthday. It gave them the perfect excuse to seek
reconciliation with each other.

“Mrs. Lay.” Diana arranged for Mrs. Lay to bring the birthday cake she ordered. “I’ll stay at home and
talk to Julian.”

She decided to tell him the truth today.

She didn’t want anyone else hearing about Simon Channing’s true identity.

Mrs. Lay caught the hint. “I’ll go, ma’am. I’ll go right away.”

The moment Diana saw leave, she headed straight to the study to look for Julian without even
bothering to eat breakfast. “The day before the new year…” she began.

She wanted to cut straight to the chase.

“What happened that day?” He looked at her, a tinge of anxiety he didn’t even realize existed flashing
past his eyes.

He was looking forward to this day, that was true.

At the same time, he was also fearful that he would end up hearing the answer he didn’t want.

Diana took a deep breath. ‘That day, I went to the Channings

Ring, ring! The sound of a phone ringing cut off Diana’s words.

She hung up the call immediately without even glancing at the screen.

However, the caller persisted in calling again and again.

Her phone kept ringing, and she had no choice but to answer the call. “Who is it?!”

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