Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 706

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She didn’t expect Julian to not say anything to her even after a long while.

Diana couldn’t stand it any longer, and was about to pull open the sheets and look outside when she
suddenly felt the other side of the bed sink down.

The sheets were pulled away from her as well.

Julian was lying down on the bed.

What was the point of sharing a bed when he didn’t bother cajoling her or talking to her?

Did she need to wait longer?

Did a cold and hard man like Julian need more time to prepare himself before he was willing to coax
another woman?

That thought made Diana feel better inside.

She stopped herself from crying out of indignation.

She simply waited quietly.

She waited until her whole body went stiff, yet Julian remained silent.

Her head was still under the covers, and she just needed to turn her head slightly to see his collarbone
peeking out from under his unbuttoned shirt.

The sheets were filled with his scent.

It was so cold outside; yet with him around, it felt like there was a huge furnace lying right next to her,
seducing her to inch closer to him.

She couldn’t be so spineless!

Diana pinched her nose and shut her eyes. She even shifted her body toward the edge of the bed.

Her movements effectively pulled the sheets away from Julian’s body.

It exposed almost half of his body, and his eyes sprung open from the cold.



Had his conscience finally awakened, and did he finally figure out that nothing could have possibly
happened between her and Oliver when she went to the Channings? Did he finally think of how to
comfort her?

She looked expectantly at him.

His huge face suddenly appeared right in front of her. “You snatched my blanket.”

He added in a low voice, “Each one of us gets half of it.”

No one was allowed to snatch.

Blanket, blanket, blanket. Was that all he cared about?!

Did he even hear her crying?

Oh, probably not.

She had stopped by the time he came in.

Had she known, she would have deliberately cried louder so he could hear her clearly!

But now, it was too late for regrets.

Diana wondered if it would seem too fake for her to start crying out loud again, as if she had done
something wrong and needed to cover up her guilt with tears.

No, she couldn’t cry.

Since he was so cold and distant and just wanted the blanket, she would be cold and distant, too.

She thought about it, then got up and drew a line down the blanket. “Whoever crosses the line is a

Julian didn’t respond to her and simply turned his back to her without so much as a glance.

It was a silent acknowledgement.

Whoever crossed the line was a b*st*rd!

After all that happened, Diana’s anger was slightly appeased and she suddenly felt tired.

When asleep, she would have a habit of raising her legs and placing them on Julian’s body.

If he weren’t in the room, she would simply hug the sheets to sleep.

Who knew that he would be shameless enough to join her in the bedroom even after such a huge

If even he, the wrongdoer with poor self-awareness, had the guts to come in here, then all the more
she, the one who wasn’t at fault and in turn was thinking all for him, couldn’t leave.

She had to stay in this bedroom to prove that she didn’t feel the least bit guilty!

Alas, habit was a scary thing.

Just as Diana was about to fall asleep, her legs landed on Julian…

‘You’ve crossed the line,” Julian said darkly.

It was as if he was really going to call Diana a b*st*rd for crossing the line with her leg.

“I didn’t do it on purpose,” Diana retorted.

When Julian heard that, he was about to turn around and hug her leg to massage it. However, he
quickly stopped himself before turning his body back.

She had no intention of reconciling with him.

Her leg had crossed the line by mistake.

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