Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 705

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Julian seethed and hissed through gritted teeth, “Is it because I’ve always indulged you too much?”

Had he indulged her so much to the point she could act like she was in the right even when she made
a mistake?

What a joke!

Diana countered sharply, “Indulged me?”

It was true he had pampered and indulged her during their three years of marriage, but he had treated
her as if she were someone else the entire time!

Their past was now like seeds in the ground; now, it was yanked out abruptly, roots and all.

Diana calmed down, though her voice trembled slightly with grief when she spoke. “If you did indulge
me, we wouldn’t be having these arguments right now.”

And he certainly wouldn’t be using the topic of remarriage to threaten her.

Julian sensed the disappointment in her eyes, and a flash of heartache passed through his gaze. For a
moment, he truly wanted to hold her tightly in his arms and apologize to her.

But what was he supposed to apologize for?

This time, it wasn’t his fault. Diana had lied first!

Seeing that the conflict was about to escalate again, Mrs.

Lay quickly intervened.

“Sir, Ma’am,” she interjected anxiously, “let’s sit down and talk things through calmly. There’s no need
to argue like this. If

Constant arguing would only damage their relationship! However, to the older woman’s surprise, both
of them spoke at the same time.

“She’s not the ma’am!”

“I’m not the ma’am!”

With that, they coldly snorted. Each retreated to a separate room, slamming the doors shut loudly.

Mrs. Lay was left standing in the same spot, awkward and unsure of whom to approach first. Worse,
she couldn’t convince either of them now. Both of them were furious, and neither would listen to

Neither of them would back down at this moment.

As for Diana, she felt like she would explode from the anger rushing through her veins.

She lay in bed, pondering Julian’s emotional journey these past two days. She knew he was well aware
of her visit to the Channing family, yet he watched her lie like a clown, which only fueled her anger.

Was she really so disgraceful and so fickle in his eyes? Would she do something that betrayed him on
New Year’s Eve?

It was simply despicable!

B*stard! Blockhead! Birdbrain!

Diana screamed and cursed into her pillow as she vented her frustration.

Julian, on the other hand, was equally infuriated. He couldn’t understand where he fell short compared
to Oliver.

What made Diana give up spending New Year’s Eve with him and choose Oliver instead?

He also couldn’t comprehend why Diana would still have the heart to deceive him despite everything he
had done for her and their mutual understanding.

Even after he exposed her lies, she didn’t seem to think she had anything wrong.

No, this couldn’t go on.

Julian thought for a moment, and immediately opened the door to the guest room and asked Mrs. Lay
for the key.

“I want to go to the master bedroom.”

Mrs. Lay was stunned. Diana was in the master bedroom. If Julian was willing to take the initiative to
find her, it seemed he was ready to make the first move.

With a heart brimming with joy, Mrs. Lay couldn’t help but silently pray to the heavens as she happily
handed him the key.

The room was dimly lit, and Diana was curled up in bed with tears flowing freely. As soon as she heard
the sound of the door opening, she immediately stifled her sobs and pulled the covers over her head,
pretending as if nothing had happened.

She recognized Julian’s footsteps immediately.

He approached her and stood by the bed, watching her. Even though there was a blanket between
them, she could feel his gaze.

A glimmer of anticipation rose in Diana’s heart.

She wiped away her tears and quietly waited under the covers, hoping he would speak up. Deep down,
she hoped he would come and console her.

She even already decided that as long as he was willing to back down and say a few soothing words to
her, she would forgive him.

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