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Chapter 704

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On New Year’s Eve, the person Diana had met at the Channing residence wasn’t Oliver. Plus, the
meeting certainly wasn’t as important as Julian had thought.

She just went to meet Simon to hear about a secret involving Julian. But this secret… Diana looked up
at him, and the ache in her heart settled like a spider’s web. It wrapped around her heart and was
deeply rooted in her core, as if it had woven a trap in her life.

She couldn’t afford to be rash and tell Julian the true reason for her absence on New Year’s Eve.

Diana swallowed hard as she anxiously explained to him, “It was wrong of me to lie, Julian, but I had
my reasons. I had no choice.”

Her own stupidity prevented her from immediately finding a tactful way to inform him, to minimize the
impact of Simon’s situation on Julian.

“After your birthday,” Diana suddenly said as her eyes brightened. “After your birthday, I promise I’ll tell
you everything!”

Just give her a few more days. She was certain she could properly disclose this matter to Julian. She

Julian’s heart loosened for a bit, then tightened abruptly. Diana was still keeping secrets. Was speaking
about what happened on New Year’s Eve difficult? Did she need more time to weave more lies before
she could come clean?

He decided not to press further to avoid humiliating himself.

However, he couldn’t help but feel anger at her for keeping secrets.

He was angry at her lack of honesty.

“We’re not remarried yet. Don’t call yourself my wife or come to the company to see me.” His tone
turned icy. “If anything happens, you can call me.”

This implied that the prospect of remarriage was indefinitely postponed.

Diana felt as if someone had struck the back of her head with a heavy hammer. She stared at him
blankly, stunned.” Are…Are you serious?”

“Of course I am,” Julian retorted with a mocking smirk on his lips. “Don’t forget how happy you were
when you received the divorce papers. You look like you’ve been freed of a tiresome burden.”

The identity of being his wife was one she had willingly relinquished.

Diana’s heart sank, his words leaving her speechless.

At that time, she had been burdened by her pregnancy and misunderstood Julian’s feelings. She
thought that divorce was the only way to find relief. But now, after understanding his true intentions, she
truly wanted to remarry him.

It didn’t matter that she had already been married to him once.

It didn’t matter that she even went to Fulcher Inc. with all the necessary documents in hand and
practically begged for a second marriage.

Ultimately, she was still a woman; a woman with her own career and her own pride. It took great
courage for her to approach him with the documents and proudly tell others that she was Mrs. Fulcher.

Yet he was now using this against her, mocking her! In that instant, her heart turned into shattered
glass, causing her immense pain.

“And what about you?”

Bringing up past gripes?

If that was how he played it, Diana could do the same!

“Weren’t you the one who brought up the idea of divorce first?”

He had done it for Kayla.

He was the one who proposed ending their marriage for another woman in the first place!

How could he turn around and accuse her of calling herself his wife as if it were inappropriate?

“I actually don’t care about the position of being Mrs. Fulcher.” Diana stood up stubbornly, her face
defiant. “As for your affairs, handle them however you want.”

She raised her hand and poured the painstakingly prepared soup into the trash, disappointment evident
in her eyes.

She no longer cared when he would learn that Simon was his half-brother, or the hurt and sadness he
would suffer because of his parents’ betrayal or Madam Fulcher’s deception.

None of it concerned her anymore.

She had considered his feelings, but it seemed her efforts weren’t worth it!

Even though Diana was the one who disappeared that night, she still had the audacity to put all the
blame on him.

Julian’s eyes turned bloodshot, and the veins on his forehead bulged with anger.

“Diana!” he snarled.

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