Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 703

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The heavy warmth, just like his deep love, warmed Diana’s heart. Her previous gripes vanished in an
instant with the heat brought by the coat.

She looked at him with a bright smile, and said, “Julian, have some soup.”

The fragrance of the soup wafted through the air. Her eyes sparkled like stars, and her voice was as
sweet as the melodious song of a morning oriole, unforgettable to the ears of anyone who heard it.

She sounded exactly the same as when she called him on New Year’s Eve.

At that time…

Did she look at Oliver using those same bright and starry eyes?

What was so good about that man?

After Oliver had schemed against her like that, he still managed to make her leave Julian on New
Year’s Eve and go to his residence…

And on that night…

What did they say to each other? What did they do?


Would she betray him as his parents had done to each other?

Julian didn’t know.

Nor did he dare to think or ask about it.

“Julian.” Diana tried again, as she tightened the coat around her and gave Mrs. Lay a grateful look.

She had been rejected in her proposal today, and was even chased away by the security guards.

It would be a lie to say that she wasn’t angry or indifferent about it.

Without Mrs. Lay’s gentle reminder, she would never have taken the initiative to mend their

And now, after giving in slightly, he had brought her a coat to wear.

Diana smiled warmly, and her eyes filled with affection as she said, “Why don’t you come and have

“No need.”

The thought of Diana being at the Channing residence on New Year’s Eve, Simon’s origins, and his
parents’ betrayal choked him. Suddenly, the soup seemed to have lost its appetizing taste.

“I already ate at the office.”

Diana was taken aback by his refusal, but she wanted to try again. “Julian, I made this soup just for

Even if he had already eaten, he could at least be considerate of her feelings and have just a little of
the soup!

In the past, whenever he was angry, she would be even angrier than him.

Diana had never been so eager to make soup for him and coax him. Why was she acting so out of
character now?

Was it because she felt guilty? And because of her guilt, she treated their marriage as a game!

Thinking this, Julian felt a stabbing pain in his heart. “Oliver… w

Forget it. He shouldn’t ask.

But Diana had already heard Oliver’s name, and looked at him in confusion. “Oliver? What about him?”

Had he done something against her again?

Diana couldn’t help but lament to Julian. “I still can’t accept he’s such a calculating and ruthless

See? Even when faced with solid facts and evidence right in front of her, she still refused to believe that
Oliver wasn’t a good person. The sensation to Julian was akin to being trapped in the water, struggling
everywhere but unable to grab onto a piece of driftwood despite all his efforts. It brought him
powerlessness that almost shattered his whole being. It wasn’t until his jaw tightened and his muscles
became stiff that he started to take in the reality around him.

The dining room lights suddenly felt harsh and dazzling.

Julian stood under the lights, exuding a chilling aura as he asked Diana slowly, “Oliver… Was he really
that important to you? Important enough for you to spend New Year’s Eve with him at the Channing

His words were questioning, but they pierced through Diana like arrows and made her tremble. “You…
know about that?”

Julian knew that she lied about spending New Year’s Eve with Nina? And he knew that she went to the
Channing family’s residence too? So that was why he was so angry! That was why he rejected her


The reason for all this was because he was jealous! Not because he didn’t love her!

As Diana realized the true reason behind Julian’s refusal to remarry, she felt a brief moment of joy.

But when she realized his tense expression, she quickly shoved those feelings away and said, “Julian,
you’ve misunderstood!”

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