Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 702

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When Diana left the villa in the morning, she was filled with excitement and anticipation for rekindling
her married life with Julian. Now that she had returned, all she had was the documents in her hand and
no one by her side.

She felt as lonely as she looked.

The atmosphere in the entire villa was icy and oppressive, devoid of any New Year’s joy and laughter.

“Didn’t Mr. Fulcher come back with you?” Mrs. Lay asked.

Mrs. Lay was someone who had been transferred from the old manor, Madam Fulcher’s residence.
She was an old servant who had been accustomed to serving Madam Fulcher. After Mr. Carter left,
Madam Fulcher wanted her to take care of Diana. However, Julian had been hesitant about bringing
Mrs. Lay; he feared Madam Fulcher would be uncomfortable without Mrs. Lay being around to help, so
he had never agreed. After Madam Fulcher passed away, Julian took the initiative to bring Mrs. Lay to
his residence. He and Diana treated her as an elder of their family.

In the villa, she was the only person who dared to inquire about Diana and Julian’s private matters.


Diana didn’t know how to explain. When she went out, she was ecstatic and told everyone that she
would marry Julian again.

But now, she returned alone.

Was there anything more humiliating than this?

Mrs. Lay sensed her disappointment, and realized the remarriage might not have gone smoothly. She
immediately tried to defuse the situation for Diana. “Oh dear, it’s my fault!

I should’ve reminded you earlier. Today’s the first day of the New Year, so the Civil Affairs Bureau is

Right! Today was the first day of the New Year, and the Civil Affairs Bureau was closed. Even if Julian
had agreed, they couldn’t complete the procedure.

No, that wasn’t right. Julian was such a meticulous person, so he wouldn’t have overlooked this point.
On the contrary, it was precisely because he thought of this that he rejected her remarriage invitation.

“Mrs. Lay…” Diana felt regretful. “Did I seem insincere when I brought up this matter today?”

Bringing it up on a day when the Civil Affairs Bureau was closed felt like she was joking about
remarriage, playing games with him.

“No, you weren’t.” Mrs. Lay continued to comfort her. “You’re always sincere toward Mr. Fulcher, no
matter the time.”

In Mrs. Lay’s eyes, Diana’s integrity was unquestionable. She didn’t believe that Diana would
deliberately play games with Julian and manipulate him.

That left the possibility that Julian was still angry about what happened on New Year’s Eve. However,
Mrs. Lay didn’t

remind Diana of this.

Instead, she followed Diana’s train of thought and continued, “Mr. Fulcher always has a cold exterior
but a warm heart. Even when he had disagreements with Madam Fulcher in the past, he wouldn’t

single bite at the dining table and leave all the dishes she loved on purpose. He was clearly
considerate of her, but he wouldn’t say a word.”

Mrs. Lay sighed. “Such a personality is the most disadvantageous. And he’s the same way with you.
Even though he loves you to death, he just won’t relent with his words.”

Diana was familiar with Julian’s character. In the end, their conflict between them was ultimately
because she didn’t come home on New Year’s Eve…

After listening to Mrs. Lay’s words, she suddenly softened.

“Then… Should I make him some soup?”

He loved the stomach-nourishing soup she used to make. It had been a long time since she made
some for him, and it could be her way of apologizing.

The soup had been simmering for the entire afternoon, and the aroma wafted through the villa. It
looked enticing enough to make one’s mouth water without even needing to smell it.

When Julian came home from work, the first thing that filled his nostrils was the fragrance of this soup.

He was famished. It hadn’t bothered him at the office, but his stomach growled as soon as he arrived


As soon as he smelled this fragrance, he knew Diana was the one who it.

So, he hesitated to enter the kitchen.

Diana had been waiting for him for a while. After seeing his hesitation, she took the initiative to
approach him.

“Julian, welcome back.”

In her eyes, there was a cautious attempt to please him.

It made Julian’s heart ache.

His gentle and tender wife… When did she ever need to look at him with such eyes?

As he studied her appearance, he softened a bit.

“It’s cold outside. Why are you only wearing a thin shirt?”

With that, he strode forward toward the cloakroom before returning with a long coat for Diana.

“Put this on.”

The coat was made of silk-cotton fabric. When she put it on, it had a delicate touch; more importantly, it
carried his feelings of care.

It made the coat incredibly comfortable to wear.

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