Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 701

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The atmosphere in the entire office became incredibly heavy, and only Noel dared to interrupt the tense
mood. He began cautiously, “Sir…”

He approached Julian,and informed him what the receptionist had told him. “The madam is here. She’s
waiting for you downstairs.”

Diana had never proactively come to the office before. It seemed she was feeling guilty. Well, at least
she had a conscience and knew to come here to make amends.

Julian’s mood improved slightly at the thought.

Actually, as long as she behaved properly and was willing to confess what happened last night
between her and Oliver, he could pretend nothing had happened.

“She’s not here to apologize,” Noel shook his head, leaning close to his ear with a mysterious
expression, and

continued happily, “She says she’s here to invite you to get married!”

This was what Julian wanted all along!

It should melt his icy demeanor.

To Noel’s surprise, Julian’s face grew even colder. “Invite me to get married?”

What did she take the remarriage for?!

Right now, remarriage should be the most beautiful thing for the two of them.

Yet here she was, using it as a tool to cover up her lies from last night!

“Tell her to leave,” Julian snapped coldly. “Remarriage is even more impossible!”

Diana listened as the receptionist recounted everything, and felt as if she had been struck by lightning.
“How is this possible?”

All her joy and anticipation suddenly vanished, and a chill settled in her core.

Diana looked at the receptionist in disbelief. “How could he say something like that…?”

Julian was looking forward to the remarriage so much. How could he refuse to even see her, and even

That it was impossible?

Even if she couldn’t see him in person, Diana could imagine his icy gaze and his sharp jaw when he
said those words.

The consequences of his anger…

They were even more severe than she had anticipated.

She gripped the documents in her hand tightly, almost exerting all her strength, just like when she held
that prenatal examination report in the past.

Her fingertips turned white from the pressure.

For a moment, she wanted to rush to Julian and tell him why she stayed out that night.

Yet, she couldn’t.

She would rather let him be angry about her staying out all night than let him know the truth that his so-
called loving parents had long drifted apart without any preparation… She didn’t want Julian to think
that the vow they made in front of the grave, promising eternal love even in death, was just a joke.

Because his parents…

Even before their deaths, they were no longer in love. Simon’s appearance was the best evidence of it.

Diana thought of the DNA test report and felt her heart break for Julian. This situation happened so
suddenly, she still hadn’t figured out how to approach him or how to tell him about it.

The receptionist saw that she refused to leave and immediately changed her attitude, mocking her,
“Wife? Hah. More like, former wife.”

Julian had already made it clear that remarriage was impossible, so what was this woman still doing at
Fulcher Inc.?

“Security!” she called someone over. “Throw her out!”

They had no need to be polite to a woman Mr. Fulcher didn’t want. Soon, someone came to drive
Diana out.

Receiving such treatment at Fulcher Inc. was a first for Diana.

Diana thought that it was all Julian’s intention. The various instances of his coldness towards her in the
past remained vivid in her mind. She couldn’t help but feel a chill in her heart.

Was it really worth it for her to consider him like this?

“Don’t touch me.” Diana pushed away the security guard, her expression gradually turning cold. “I’ll
leave on my own.”

Since he didn’t want to remarry, she wouldn’t force it.

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