Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 700

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Not only was there a lot of talk in the aristocratic families, but even the receptionist had also heard

Diana wasn’t the type who liked to show off, but at this moment, she couldn’t help herself. The corners
of her mouth curved upwards in a mad, confident smile as she said firmly, “I’m his wife, the next person
to marry him… It’s still me!”

Her skin was as white as snow, and her delicate features seemed to glow. Her overall temperament
was dignified and elegant, and she looked like a noble painting.

Just standing there quietly, she made it impossible for people to look away.


She was more convincing than any of the women who had come to see Mr. Fulcher before.

Seeing the dumbfounded look on the receptionist’s face, Diana smiled even more widely and said,
“Give him a call, and say…his ex-wife is inviting him to get married.”


Inviting him to get married?

And she was supposed to call Mr. Fulcher?! The receptionist was on the verge of dying of laughter.

“I’ve told you! Just because you’re good-looking, don’t casually lie and brag. I’ve seen many women
like you standing here!”

The receptionist definitely wouldn’t make this call.

In case someone from above blamed her, she might even lose her job.

Diana sighed helplessly. “Then how about you call Noel?”

Various women who previously claimed to be Julian’s women and wanted to see him had never known
his assistant’s name. The receptionist’s interest was piqued all of a sudden.

She had heard of Julian’s reputation for doting on his wife. She had heard that he had even knelt down
for his wife! If the woman in front of her was really the young mistress of their Fulcher Inc., then she
certainly couldn’t be negligent!

She instantly changed her mind and attitude as she asked Diana, “Shall I make the call and ask?”

Diana nodded. “Yes!”

Julian was currently in a meeting.

The executives were called to the conference room on the first day of the new year, and their moods
weren’t very pleasant.

Still, it wasn’t like they could do anything about their workaholic boss!

Not just a workaholic, but an extremely meticulous one at that! If he called them over, there must be
something important to discuss.

Therefore, no one dared to oppose it.

Sure enough, Julian’s meeting this time was mainly directed at the Channing family. Everyone present
knew about the recent stock market manipulation by the family against Fulcher Inc. They also knew
that the Channings had planted some spies in the company to cause trouble.

They wondered how Julian would retaliate.

They looked at the agenda for the meeting today, all quite eager. Dozens of eyes were fixed on Julian,
waiting for the man to speak up and reveal his plans.

But at this moment, Julian’s mind was filled with images of Diana going to the Channing residence
yesterday, spending New Year’s Eve with Oliver, and waiting for the arrival of the new year together
with him.

Just the thought of that scene gave Julian the urge to destroy the whole world!

The Channing family was insignificant! What do they matter?!

As he started the meeting, the despont air around him had now been replaced by a majestic one.

Julian’s low and icy voice echoed in the room. “Cancel all projects between Fulcher Inc. and the
Channing family!”

The Fulcher and Channing families had always been collaborating. If their projects were suddenly cut
off now, not only would the Channing family be affected, but Fulcher Inc. would also be implicated.

Julian knew what everyone thought, and continued, “Fulcher Inc.’s profits won’t drop. They will only
continue to grow rapidly.”

He made a promise, and he would deliver.

No one in the room dared to speak up.

He continued, “Cease all ongoing negotiations immediately!”

He intended to launch a full-scale attack on the Channing family.

Soon, news about Fulcher Inc.’s actions against the Channing family would spread. At that time, not
only would Fulcher Inc. revoke their cooperation, but even companies that had friendly relations with
Fulcher Inc. or intended to collaborate with the Channings would withdraw one after another.

The Channing family…was about to face a massive upheaval.

The economic losses inflicted upon them would likely amount to billions!

This was the price they had to pay for plotting against Diana and spending New Year’s Eve with her!

Recalling Diana’s overnight absence last night and her the way she spoke during their phone call…

And the lies she told him…!

Julian once again sank into an uncontrollable rage.

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