Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 699

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Diana really wanted to see Julian as soon as possible.

The cab stopped, and she couldn’t wait to open the door and get out.

She was almost there.

The driver even made a gesture of encouragement to her.” Young lady, when you have such a
hardworking and outstanding man, you must hold on to him tightly!”

The driver thought for a moment and added, “I wish you all the best, and I hope you have a smooth

Technically, it was her second marriage.

Still, the first and second marriages were to the same person.

Diana didn’t explain, and simply accepted that she was more proactive in the marriage this time. Little
did she know that Julian was even more anxious.

He had been telling her every day to complete the paperwork, and was so eager too.

Could things ever not go smoothly for her today?

But one should always accept others’ well wishes, so Diana smiled and thanked the driver. “Thank you
for your kind words!”

With that, she swiftly ran into the lobby of Fulcher Inc. headquarters.

Fulcher Inc. was located in the city center. While Diana’s office was just a tiny space within the vast city
center, with larger companies occupying an entire building floor. Even larger ones might take up
multiple floors in an office building.

As for medium-sized companies, they would choose to set up their factories on the outskirts.

Only the financially powerful, such as Fulcher Inc, stood at the top of the food chain. They had
purchased an entire building in the prime location of the city center.

The entire building belonged to them.

Therefore, everything was done exceptionally well, whether it was the security system or anything else.

As soon as Diana entered, she was stopped by someone.

The receptionist asked her to present her appointment documents. “Mr. Fulcher is a very busy man.
Not everyone can see him just because they want to.”

Diana rarely came to the company.

When she had come before, she always followed Julian, with a big hat covering her head. It was
difficult for people to see her face clearly.

It wasn’t surprising that the receptionist didn’t recognize her.

Diana didn’t mind at all, and took out her phone. “Then I’ll give Julian a call.”



This woman was really delusional! How could she address their boss in such an intimate manner?!

The receptionist rolled her eyes at Diana.

She would wait and see how Diana would make this phone call, and how the latter would handle this

Sure enough…

Diana said awkwardly, “He’s not answering… I think he’s still mad at me…”

“Seriously? Don’t think you can deceive your way through here just because you have looks. Plenty of
women want to see Mr. Fulcher every day, and they have all sorts of excuses.”

But every single one of them was as insignificant as her, a mere receptionist. She could only stand
here every day, admiring his elegance as he came and went from work.

Thinking of Julian, the receptionist’s face twisted. “As for delusional people like you who call Mr.
Fulcher by pet names and claim he’s mad at you, there are plenty of them!”

Diana was speechless after hearing the receptionist’s string of words.

Her eyes widened.

She knew Julian was popular, but she didn’t expect him to be this popular!

Instantly, a bitter feeling surged up in her heart and made her stomach churn.

“So those women can’t get in? They can’t see him at all?”

“Of course not!” the receptionist boasted proudly. “Our Mr. Fulcher is not only young and wealthy, but
he’s also even more handsome than a celebrity. He maintains a clean personal life. Except for his wife,
no woman can get close to him.”

The receptionist’s voice carried a tinge of regret as she continued, “Unfortunately… I heard he recently
had some problems with his wife and got divorced. I wonder who’ll be lucky enough to marry him in his
next marriage.”

Of course, it would be none other than Diana!

Diana had never been so happy in her life. She couldn’t believe that news of Julian loving her had
spread so widely.

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