Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 698

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“I…” Diana opened her mouth, but her thoughts were a tangled mess.

Oh no.

Standing before the pile of unbaked pastries that had already turned into a large clump, she realized
that Julian was truly angry.

As for the superstition of eating a pastry with a coin inside, it was completely baseless.

Yet… He was furious.

Not only did he wait for her all night, but he also had the patience to listen to her rambling and finish the
phone call with her.

The more Diana thought about it, the more distressed and anxious she felt.

She wished she could ask the servants at home: How do I appease my ex-husband when he’s upset? I
need to know right now!

She didn’t know that Julian wasn’t angry.

He was disappointed.

Disappointed in Diana, in love, in his parents, and in his grandmother.

His heart seemed to have withered, incapable of regaining any life.

He couldn’t even describe the awful sensation. He didn’t want to see anyone, and everything seemed
meaningless- even Diana. He didn’t want to guess as to why she stayed at the Channing residence

and lied to him.


So, so tired.

Julian closed his eyes as he lay in his office chair, and was silent for a long time.

Meanwhile, Diana waited for him at the villa for a long time, but he still didn’t return.

She didn’t want to call him again.

She feared she would be forced to lie again if they got into another discussion. The lie she told last
night troubled her all day.

As for how to appease him…

Diana thought for a long time, and decided to take the necessary documents for remarriage and go to
Fulcher Inc. to see him.

She wanted to handle the remarriage procedures today.

Didn’t Julian mention it before?

He didn’t want to do it on his birthday; he wanted to do it in advance.

So, let’s do it in advance!

As long as it could please him, there was no harm in getting remarried now.

She would consider it an apology for what happened last night.

The thought of the two of them becoming husband and wife again excited her to no end. She hummed
a song all the way, and the driver looked at her as if she were crazy.

She was such a beautiful woman, so why did she act as though she had lost her mind?

Diana understood the look in his eyes, and smiled as she took out the bills from her pocket. “No need
for change, mister.”

She and Julian were about to remarry today, so she was generous. “It’s New Year’s Day, and you’re out
driving. You’ve worked hard!”

Even their family’s chauffeur had the day off and went home.

Working people didn’t have it easy. Those who worked their backs off during this time of the year
certainly wanted to earn a bit more money.

The driver’s eyes lit up. “Thank you, ma’am!”

Generous customers like her were hard to come by.

Now in a good mood, he couldn’t help but strike up a conversation. “Why are you headed for Fulcher
Inc. today, ma’am?”

Today is New Year’s, so everyone should have the day off, right?

“Oh!” Diana’s smile widened, feeling even more convinced that bringing the documents to see Julian
was the right decision. “I’m here to marry the love of my life!”

The driver was taken aback. “Your beloved works at Fulcher Inc.?”

Not only did he work there, but he also managed the entire Fulcher Inc!

In that instant, Diana suddenly felt a sense of pride and nodded. “Yes, he’s very hardworking and

It was why he didn’t miss the opportunity to work even on a day like today, putting in all his effort and
diligently working.

Diana imagined him in a suit, earnestly handling documents with his head down, and her heart
throbbed even harder.

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