Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 695

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Before Diana went to the Channing residence, Julian lied to her about recording his conversation with

Now, she was lying to him.

They were even.

With this assumption, Diana was able to lessen the guilt in her heart.

“She was crying just now. I was talking and comforting her, so I didn’t have a chance to call you,” Diana
said, racking her brain as she tried to vividly describe the scene, thinking she had woven this lie
seamlessly. “As soon as I had a moment, I hurried to contact you, Julian. Please don’t be angry.”

“I’m not angry,” Julian said, almost grinding his teeth.

He didn’t know what Diana was feeling or thinking now, as she thought him a fool.

Accompanying Nina?

Comforting her?


Nina had already met with Vans. What else could Diana possibly have to do?

If he hadn’t seen her enter the Channing family’s residence with his own eyes and never leave since,
he might have believed her words!

That unwavering trust he had for her was suddenly uprooted by an invisible hand.

If he could, he really wanted to storm over to her right now and drag her out of the Channing residence.

He wanted to ask her right in her face why she lied to him!

And why was she absent on New Year’s Eve and New Years, such important occasions?!

Dazed, he lowered his head and saw Diana’s “I love you” message before answering the phone.


She loved him?

Where was the love?

Staying by Oliver’s side, but still saying she loved Julian?

Just like his parents, who claimed to love each other and were once the most harmonious and well-
matched couple in the Richburgh family; but in reality, it was a joke!

His father had long been having an affair.

And his mother, despite knowing his father was cheating, still wanted to maintain the appearance of a
happy family in front of him.

They sure could act.

A hint of malevolence rose in Julian’s eyes, an emotion he had never experienced before. It was as if
something hard was gradually breaking within his gaze.

“Is Nina doing alright now?”

He was still giving Diana a chance.

A chance for honesty.

A chance not to deceive and delude him as his parents had done to each other.

“She’s doing okay,” Diana told him, while anxiously sending a message to Nina to corroborate her story.

She thought she had it all under control. After all, she couldn’t let him know that she was currently at
the Channing family’s residence. Knowing Julian’s jealous nature, he would surely suspect something
about Oliver.

And when that happened, there would be no way to explain, no matter how many words she had.

“She cried herself to sleep.”

“Oh,” Julian’s voice grew colder and colder, like a thick slab of ice in the summertime, hitting one’s face
with an undeniable chill.

But his voice had always had a low, resonant quality that could sometimes give off such an impression.

Shortly after they got married, Diana once had a late-night phone conversation with him while he was
on a business trip.

One night, his voice was just like this.

The first time Diana heard it, she thought he had found someone else during his trip and no longer
loved her. The pain in her heart was unbearable, but she had her own pride and decided not to bother

She didn’t answer his calls or messages for several days straight.

It wasn’t until Julian arrived, disheveled and worn out, that she learned some people just had voices
like that.

Just like the man himself, who carried an unattainable air of dignity.

Since then, she paid little attention to the changes in his ice during phone calls.

“Did you eat the pastries I made for you?”

The fact she wasn’t by his side on such a meaningful night like New Year’s Eve filled her heart with
deep regret.

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