Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 696

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Because of that deep regret, Diana had long accumulated a mountain full of words she wanted to say
to Julian. She spoke incessantly, “Did you get the ones I made with coins inside?”

There was a saying that one should stuff a pastry with a coin among many pastries, and that whoever
ate it would be blessed with good fortune.

She was afraid Julian wouldn’t get any coin-stuffed pastries, so she made ten of them all at once to
increase the probability of Julian getting one.

However, there was no response from the other end.

She thought he might consider her idea foolish, so she said, “ Although it’s a silly folk belief, it only
happens once a year. What harm is there in believing?”

She was willing to try anything, as long as it could bring him good luck.


“It’s good if you did,” Diana said, quickly jumping to conclusions. She didn’t realize Julian’s response
was unrelated to her question.

Ignorant, she went on, “As long as you eat it, you’ll have abundant fortune in the coming year. Who
knows, maybe we can really bring back Aster and Star!”

“Let’s talk about that later,” Julian replied, finally speaking more than a few words. “It’s too early to
discuss children now.”

He had always been concerned about this matter, so why was he acting so unusual today?

While Julian believed her lie of accompanying Nina, it didn’t change the fact that Diana couldn’t be by
his side at the villa.

Thus, Diana surmised it was normal for him to be a little upset.

Thinking this, she felt relieved and continued to coax him gently. “I’m sorry. I promise I’ll be by your side
next New Year’s Eve, without fail!”

She spoke fervently, but Julian, on the other end, was completely uninterested.


It felt too fake.

Right now, he felt that everything was extremely fake.

Including the woman he loved so deeply.

How could she stay with Oliver and still say such sweet words and promises to him?

He had thought of asking what she was doing with Oliver at the Channing family’s residence and why
for a thousand times.

Was she planning to make their relationship like his parents -loving on the surface, but actually falling
apart inside?

Yet, he couldn’t bring himself to ask.

Those words were like hooks lodged in his throat. They tugged tightly, as if voicing even a single word
he had in mind would make his throat bleed.

He didn’t dare to ask.

He was afraid that once he asked, he and Diana would never be able to go back to how they were

But even if he didn’t ask now, it seemed they couldn’t go back to how they were before either.

He keenly felt that he couldn’t fully trust her anymore. He didn’t even want to consider remarriage or
having another baby.

“You…” He paused, recalling Oliver’s question when the latter came to the villa.

“Remarried? Hah, are you sure Diana remarried you because she loves you?” Oliver had taunted.

Julian used to be sure.

He didn’t even care.

Yet… Ever since he found out about the illegitimate child, he started to care.

If Diana didn’t have the feelings he thought she had for him, what was the point of remarrying?

Having a baby…

What meaning did it hold?

It would just be repeating the same mistakes his parents did.

Everything in the world seemed utterly meaningless, as if everyone’s ultimate fate was endless
deception and hurt.

“That’s all for now.”

Julian was tired.

He needed a good rest.

And with that, he slept through the day.

By the time he woke up, it was already the first day of the New Year.

As for Diana, she woke up early at six in the morning as she wanted to go back to the villa to see

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