Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 693

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“Fine. I won’t go back.

Diana understood Simon’s intention. He had been brought to the Channing family at a young age, and
as a result, developed a twisted mindset. He had no good feelings toward Julian, and he simply
couldn’t stand to see Julian happy or doing well. It wasn’t necessarily about her staying with the
Channing family tonight.

“I’ll go to my best friend’s place.”

At this point, she could only trouble Nina. Maybe she could help shield the latter from Vans’s

“I won’t return to celebrate the New Year with Julian.”

However, she could still make phone calls and video chat with Julian.

As a single, cold bachelor, Simon obviously lacked experience in love. He couldn’t think of various
ways for lovers to stay in touch. It was possible to spend the New Year with him through electronic
devices as long as Simon didn’t reveal this information to Julian.

Diana felt reassured by that.

Simon hesitated for a moment, then said, “No.”

He pointed to a guest room in the villa where he lived.” You’ll stay here.”

And spend the New Year with him. He wanted to experience what it was like to have Diana accompany
him during the New Year.

Diana didn’t expect him to be so overbearing. From this perspective, he did resemble Julian; but what
did it matter for her to stay here on such an important holiday?

Simon insisted on lying to Diana, making her believe that Julian still didn’t know about their blood

In a stern tone, he added, “If you refuse, Julian will have one more brother tonight.”

In that case, it was better not to refuse.

Diana couldn’t imagine the impact this would have on Julian.

Most importantly, Madam Fulcher had been aware of it too. Yet, she had never mentioned it to Julian
before her passing.

This aspect troubled Diana to some extent.

In the end, her bond with Madam Fulcher was too deep. Diana didn’t think Madam Fulcher had done
anything wrong. She believed that Madam Fulcher must have had her own reasons. Moreover, not
telling Julian was probably a way to protect him, to shield him from knowing that his parents had long
fallen out of love, and to protect him from getting hurt.


Madam Fulcher didn’t mention this matter before her passing. Did Simon deceive her? Their so-called
brotherly relationship might not be as outrageous as it seemed.

With this thought in mind, Diana said, “Don’t threaten me. I won’t fall for your tricks. I need evidence.”

She stared directly into his eyes. “Give me evidence that proves your connection to the Fulcher family.
That’s the only way I’ll believe you.”

Otherwise, she had no reason to be absent from Julian’s side on such an important day based solely
on Simon’s words.

As if Simon had been prepared, he handed her a document.” Take a look for yourself.”

It was a DNA test report.

“Oliver helped me obtain Julian’s sample.”

As a precaution, Simon conducted this test early on.

He didn’t expect it to come in handy so soon.

Diana couldn’t say anything else with the evidence in front of her. Instead, her mind became even more

The situation had unfolded too suddenly. If it weren’t for this DNA test report, she would’ve thought that
although the situation was absurd, she wouldn’t feel so shocked.

It was only after she looked through the document that the sense of reality gradually intensified.

She couldn’t help but stare at Simon, becoming more and more astonished.

It turned out that her previous sense of familiarity with him and the feeling he had some resemblance to
Julian wasn’t just an illusion.

Blood relationship like this, regardless of anyone’s unwillingness, was an unchangeable fact.

“Fine.” Diana tightened her grip on the DNA test report. “I’ll stay.”

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