Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 692

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Just then, Simon said, “Your phone’s ringing.

Diana pulled her phone out, and saw that Nina was calling her.

“Where are you?!” Nina sounded particularly anxious. “Mr. Fulcher has been looking for you all day, but
now we can’t reach him! Did you two meet up or not?”

Diana was taken aback by the information. “Julian was looking for me?”

How could he have been looking for her when she hadn’t even received a single phone call?

“Yeah,” Nina replied, then briefly told Diana about the events of the evening. “When Vans came to see
me, he happened to receive a call from Julian. He wanted Vans to ask me what time you’d be coming
home. He thought we were together.”

After Nina finished speaking, she paused before asking, “He still hasn’t contacted you?”

“No,” Diana said, and she quickly looked at her phone. There was one missed call, but it was from an
hour ago.

Since then, there hadn’t been a call or even a text message.

That was the reason she didn’t pay attention to her phone and instead had been discussing with Simon
about his blood relationship with Julian.

After thinking for a moment, Diana suddenly understood.” He probably thought I went home.”

Tonight was New Year’s Eve.

Once it was past midnight, it would be the new year. There was no reason for her to stay outside for too
long. Julian must have assumed she would return home soon.

That’s why he didn’t call again.

She didn’t want to stay outside for too long and worry him. And so, she immediately hung up the phone
and said goodbye to Simon.

“I need to go home,” she said. “Julian’s waiting for me to celebrate the new year.”

“Celebrating the new year? What’s so great about it?” Simon scoffed. “It’s just a bunch of family
members sitting together, complimenting each other, and eating and drinking. It’s not worth your

“It’s not like that,” Diana explained. “Julian and I…”

She paused, thinking about the late Madam Fulcher and their two lost babies who had passed away
this year.

A painful sensation welled up in her heart, and she said with difficulty, “Julian and I only have each
other now.”

This New Year was important to them.

They had to be there for each other.

“And New Year isn’t just about feasting. It’s about being by his side, staying up until midnight, and
wishing each other Happy New Year. That’s all we need,” she said, sounding slightly exhausted.

Julian rarely drank alcohol, either. The two of them couldn’t afford to drink much.

Nina still had outstanding debts with Vans, so she wouldn’t be going back for New Year’s Eve this time.

Diana and Julian didn’t need to eat a lot of food, either. Just a few bites of some small dishes would
satisfy them.

Thinking of that scene, Diana smiled and said eagerly, “With the arrival of the new year, there will be
new wishes and hopes.”

Every New Year, one would always have the belief that the current year would be a good one.

How could something so hopeful not be worth caring about?

After she finished speaking, she was about to turn around and leave; but was stopped by Simon.

“If you dare to leave, I guarantee you that Julian will know about the existence of his stepbrother

He emphasized the latter part of the sentence, causing her heart to tremble.

“And then? What’s the point of telling him now?”

“No point,” Simon said. “I just can’t stand seeing you all so happy during the New Year.”

“Then what’s the point of me staying?”

“If you stay, his New Year’s Eve will be incomplete. He’ll be sad, and that makes me happy. But if you
leave, I’ll be even more willing to make him more miserable and let him know the extent of the
despicable things his supposedly loving and respectful parents and Madam Fulcher have done!”

Julian would eventually find out about Simon being his halfbrother.

But… Not now.

Diana thought she needed to find time to tell him slowly about it.

Otherwise, considering Julian’s feelings towards his parents, he would truly be devastated.

What she had to do was to minimize the damage this revelation would cause him.

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