Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 691

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“But I…”

Diana was stunned speechless, even before Simon could finish his sentence.

She had only been joking! She didn’t expect that it would turn out to be the truth!

In that instant, she felt as if she had been struck by lightning. For a moment, she couldn’t believe such
a dramatic thing could happen to Julian.

Her lips trembled as she continued off from where Simon stopped. “But… You and Julian don’t have
the same father.”

Simon didn’t even give her time to react. “Yes, you guessed it right.”

No wonder Julian was suddenly so upset!

If Simon and Julian had different fathers, it meant the parents he had always thought were deeply in
love had long drifted apart.

Julian must be deeply heartbroken.

He was already the type to keep things to himself, and now, he would surely become even more
tormented by keeping this matter to himself.

She turned around immediately, eager to leave. “I want to go home.”

Julian was waiting for her.

She needed to go back and comfort him.

Even if she couldn’t do anything, she would hug him. She was certain he would feel her presence and

Diana had never felt this flustered in her life; not when she was trapped in a warehouse at a hotel, or
dragged to the Pabians’ residence, or even when Simon ordered his men to keep an eye on Julian in
the past.

Right now, she felt like she had lost her soul.

Simon watched her, chuckling.

“Is it necessary?”

Julian had only learned a fact. Was something so insignificant worth having someone feeling great
distress over him?

What about Simon?

His own parents abandoned him and threw him to the Channing family right after his birth. What about
his feelings?

Simon took a deep breath and stopped Diana, who was desperately trying to run. “If you go back now,
you’ll really hurt him.”

His words were like a curse, instantly pulling Diana back. She didn’t even look back when she
desperately tried to run.

“What does that mean?”

“Julian doesn’t know about our relationship yet,” Simon replied, glancing at her. He deliberately twisted
his words, saying, “Oliver didn’t tell him about us being brothers. He only mentioned something related

to business. After all, Fulcher Inc. has been quite turbulent recently.”

Diana knew about this.

When Fulcher Inc.’s stocks plummeted, the entire A-share market was shaken. She had seen it on the
front page of the news.

“So it was just a business…” She immediately relaxed before sighing, flushed slightly from the sudden
relief. “Okay. That’s good. He doesn’t know yet, fortunately…”

Still, sooner or later, Julian would come across this fact and realize that his parents weren’t as loving as
he had imagined.

He had lost his parents at a young age, and cherished his memories of them. Having a stepbrother
making an appearance out of the blue would be a huge blow to him.

Suddenly, she thought of something important and looked up at Simon. “Did Grandma know about

Simon sneered, “You mean my identity?”

Diana nodded. “Yes.”

“Of course she knew,” Simon hissed through gritted teeth, obviously holding some resentment for the
late old lady.” She personally carted me to the Channing family straight from the hospital.”

He was less than three hours old at that time.

“Why mention that dead old woman?”

Anyway, she’s already dead.

Dead, and six feet under.

With her gone, there was no one left to help the Channing family.

The Channings must fend for themselves and snatch what belonged to them from Fulcher Inc.

The Channing and Fulcher families would inevitably clash sooner or later.

That would be the only time Simon would have the opportunity to break free from the Channings and
prepare to seize everything from the Fulcher family, including Diana.

He would take everything his brother had!

Diana was displeased with how Simon mentioned Madam Fulcher, and her face turned stiff.

“That’s Grandma. How can you speak about her like that?”

“Then how should I speak? Should I call her Grandma too?” Simon asked deliberately, his tone
mocking. “Or should I call my dear brother and ask for his opinion first to see if he agrees with me
calling her Grandma?”

“No!” Diana instinctively shouted. When she saw that he didn’t actually take out his phone, she slowly
breathed a sigh of relief. “Don’t tell him…”

She didn’t want Julian to find out about his blood relationship with Simon so soon.

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