Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 690

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Who could she be looking for at the Channings?

Oliver Channing, who else?

She didn’t even know anyone else.

As for Simon Channing…

Julian remembered that she didn’t look very happy at the mention of his name. What’s more, Simon
was the one who dragged her to the Pabians’. That probably only served to worsen her impression of

“Sir.” Noel could feel the mood in the car worsening, and became cautious even in his breathing.
“Shall… Shall we look for her at the Channings’?”

“No need.”

It seemed she wasn’t in any danger whatsoever.

She even looked like she was in a great mood.

Why did Julian even bother?

“Let’s go home.”

The moment he issued his instruction, the limited edition Rolls Royce drove off slowly in the night.

Diana was completely unaware of what was going on outside. She had agreed to meet Simon here.

As she had guessed, he did know the reason Julian was so upset after seeing Oliver. However, he
didn’t want to talk about it over the phone and requested for her to come to the Channings’ residence

She was willing to do anything as long as she could unravel the knot in Julian’s heart and make him
stop feeling so melancholic before the new year began.

At that time, Simon had just returned home.

Now that he had the intention of returning to the Fulchers, he decided not to celebrate the new year or
have a meal with the Channings.

With Oliver taking the reins in the family business, Simon’s identity in the Channings no longer
remained a secret.

Even though gossip mongers dared not make a peep before Simon, he didn’t want to be subject to
their judgment and stares.

He would rather meet Diana instead.

The thought of her made him recall the fine fuzz behind her ear.

As if glowing from the memories, his usual dark and sullen face brightened.

“What exactly is going on with Julian?”

It had always been like this—her mentioning Julian each time she met him.

Julian Fulcher, Julian Fulcher!

They clearly shared the same father, same grandparents, and same ancestors. Why did Julian have
everything, whereas Simon had nothing?!

Even Diana spoke incessantly of him.

A strong sense of jealousy and discontentment arose in his chest, and his aura turned aggressive at
that moment.

Diana’s breath was caught in her chest.

She suddenly remembered something.

Simon Channing…

Seemed to feel something for her.

Didn’t that make it inappropriate for her to take the initiative to visit today?

But the last time she asked him directly, he didn’t reply to her.

Coincidentally, Simon had thought of the same thing.

‘Yes, I like you.” He was replying to the question Diana posed to him at the Pabians. He leaned in close
to her, adding, “Quick, tell Julian Fulcher that you no longer love him and want to be with me instead.”

He was so direct.

That in turn lessened her worries.

Simon turned out to be better than Oliver, who looked gentle and kind on the surface but was
unexpectedly hypocritical.

“We’re about to get remarried. Don’t be like this,” Diana said, waving her hands and completely
disregarding his words.

She was getting less and less scared of him now.

In fact, the more she got to know him, the stronger the sense of affinity she felt with him.

In fact, Simon felt like an old friend to her.

She gazed at him, and asked the question that she previously found strange. “Is there something going
on between you and Julian?”

Why was it that for some reason, she would always see a shadow of Julian’s figure in Simon?

At that moment, the look in Simon’s eyes turned complicated.

However, he recovered very quickly. “Yes there is, and it’s something very earth-shattering. Something
that would make Julian very upset if it were exposed.”

What could possibly be between these two men?

Aside from blood relation, Diana couldn’t fathom anything else. So she joked, “Are you the long-lost
son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Fulcher?”

That was close.

Still, it wasn’t the correct answer.

Simon grinned. ‘You’re very smart indeed.”

No wonder the high and mighty Julian loved her so!

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