Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 689

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However, the thought of Oliver scheming against her and forcing her to the Pabians’ residence made
her resistant against him.

She pondered for a moment, and finally decided to reach out to Simon.

After all, Simon had a part to play in inviting her over to the Pabians. He probably shared a good
relationship with Oliver. She might be able to find something out from him.

Standing at the door of the Channings residence, Julian didn’t see Simon in it after driving over.

It was almost the new year, yet Simon wasn’t home.

Nobody cared about where he went. Julian, unable to locate him, had no choice but to return to the

Diana was still waiting for him, after all.

Yet when he returned home, not only was Nina not there yet, but even Diana wasn’t around.

The wall decorations were left forgotten on the table, which told of how much of a hurry Diana must’ve
been in when she left. She didn’t even bother tidying up the place before leaving.

The servants thought they wanted to use the decorations again, and didn’t dare to keep them.

The servant in the kitchen saw him return and said happily,” Sir, the pastries are all wrapped up. When
shall we bake them?”

If the pastries were left outside for too long, the dough will become flat and they wouldn’t taste good
after being baked in the oven.

Julian glanced in the direction of the kitchen. The chocolate pastries Diana had wrapped were still
displayed on the counter. They were mixed with some of the pastries he had wrapped-his were lying
limply on the baking sheet, accurately reflecting the state of his current mood.

“She isn’t back yet. Let’s not bake it first.”

“Didn’t the madam head out to look for you?” The servant found it rather strange as she said, “She
looked very happy when she headed out.”

Perhaps she went looking for Nina.

“I’ll ask her what time she’ll be reaching home,” Julian said as he dialed Diana’s number.

However, Diana didn’t answer the call.

Julian called Vans, and got him to ask Nina what time the both of them would be coming.

Vans was stunned. “I’m standing right in front of Nina.” He looked around and added, “But I don’t see
Diana around.”

Julian didn’t expect Vans to find Nina so quickly.

It seemed they had prepared too many pastries.

Julian didn’t think much of it and said, “Then ask Nina whether Diana contacted her. I’m waiting at
home for her for dinner.”

Vans thought he must have heard Julian wrongly.

Did he just hear Julian say something homely?

He couldn’t help but chuckle. Then, he asked Nina Julian’s question.

Nina was slightly stunned. The look on her face turned tense as she grabbed Vans’ phone. “Diana’s not

Julian’s heart skipped a beat. “She didn’t go look for you?”

If she didn’t, where did she go?

All the bad things that happened to Diana flashed past his mind, and Julian’s heart was at his throat.
“She’s gone!”

He had thought that Diana went to look for Nina, but Nina didn’t see her at all!

Diana didn’t contact Nina, either!

So, where was she right now?

Julian was so anxious, he personally drove out with Noel right after hanging up. He began looking for
her while simultaneously launching a search on her.

No one could be as anxious as he was. He was deathly worried that something untoward might happen
to Diana again.

He had promised that he would never let her get hurt again.

Nothing must happen to her-nothing!

He left in such a hurry, he didn’t notice that some of the wall decorations that Diana left behind had
fallen on the floor. There were some footsteps on them.

The decorations were trampled on and looked terrible, losing all their former glory and luster.

However, he didn’t pay them any attention as he was completely focused on looking for Diana.

He eventually managed to find her.

…Right at the doorstep of the Channings’ residence.

He sat in the car, and saw her walking happily into the main door.

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