Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 688

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For example, its effect on Diana right now was undeniable.

The sight of his handsome face improved her mood so much, she almost forgot that she was angry
with him for lying to her.

She even smiled at him and advised, “It’s a little crooked. Pull it slightly to the left.”

“How about this?” Julian did so. “Is it still crooked?”

“Yes, it still is.” Diana stood in the middle and looked at it. ” It’s still not right.” She pointed towards the
left. “A little

more to the left.”

Julian adjusted it accordingly. “How about now?”

This took much time and effort.

Diana shook her head. “It’s still not straight. Now it’s too much to the left. You need to adjust it to the
right a bit more “

If it were anyone else, Julian would have dusted his hands and called it quits.

Or rather, aside from Diana, no one else could possibly make him stand here.

Not to mention make him move left and right like a bumbling idiot.

But this person was Diana.

He was willing to do her every bidding.

Even if it was something as minor as sticking wall decorations, everything seemed meaningful as long
as he was doing it with her.

“Forget it,” Diana said, as he was clearly still not doing it right. “Take the decorations down and have a

Holding his arms up like this constantly must be tiring.

“I’m very fit and strong.” Julian looked straight at her. “You should be very clear about this.”

He didn’t ask it as a question.

It was a statement without any doubt.

Diana was completely taken aback by his shamelessness, and was rendered speechless for a while.

The evening sun was glowing, and the sky was covered with clouds of orange and red hues.

The red sky made her face blush. She looked at Julian with a flushed face, and carefully glanced at the
servants around them. ‘There are people around.”

Thankfully, they were all busy preparing for the new year eve’s dinner. As such, no one paid attention
to what they were saying.

They simply thought that Diana and Julian standing together made for a beautiful scene.

A handsome man and beautiful woman was worthy of a classic oil painting.

“So what if there are?” Julian said in all seriousness. ‘That can’t affect us husband and wife from
whispering sweet nothings to each other.”

What husband and wife?

As long as they haven’t gone through remarriage procedures, they weren’t legally husband and wife.

It made whoever proclaimed them to be husband and wife sound weak.

Julian seemed to consider this, so he made a decision there and then as he held the wall decoration.
“Why don’t we get remarried early?”

There was no need to insist on waiting till his birthday.

“Why so anxious?” Diana didn’t understand. “I don’t want to do it so soon.”

Julian had everything.

Diana didn’t know what to give him on his birthday.

She thought about it for a long time, and concluded that getting remarried on that day was the best
present she could give him.

She didn’t want to bring that forward.

“What exactly happened between you and Oliver?” She had a feeling that Julian had been acting
strange ever since he spoke to Oliver just now.

Julian inevitably thought about Simon Channing. “Nothing.”

His face darkened. Worried that Diana would overthink things, he quickly said, “Let’s just go according
to our initial plan regarding our remarriage.” He glanced at her and went on, “Wait for Nina at home. I
have something else to attend to, and I need to head out.”

He must see Simon Channing.

The illegitimate son Diana had once mentioned but he never cared about…

Diana could tell that he was troubled, but his unwillingness to come clean with her angered her

“Go ahead.”

Julian didn’t even notice that her voice had turned cold.

She wondered if she should go and see Oliver, and ask what exactly they spoke about that landed
Julian in such a state.

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