Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 687

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That look in his face induced pity.

Diana’s heart ached at the sight of it, and she immediately sat next to him. She fixed her eyes on him
and asked solemnly, “Julian, what exactly happened?”

Julian evaded her line of sight. There were still abrasion wounds on his knuckles.

Even without his reply, Diana knew that his chat with Oliver didn’t go well.

She immediately grabbed the first-aid kit to help him treat his wound. “Why can’t you talk things through
properly?” She was worried that he hit Oliver because of her.

She pondered for a moment before saying, “Even if he’s not who I thought he was, it’s all right.”

Diana looked at Julian and went on, “It’s better that you don’t get hurt.

To us, Oliver can be a friend or a stranger, perhaps even an enemy. I might care and be troubled about
the kind of a person he is, but I’ll never be sad about it.”

Her voice was gentle like a breeze in April, comforting to the soul. “But… My heart will ache if you get

The look in Julian’s eyes finally gentled upon hearing her words.

He didn’t look so lonely anymore.

Her voice seemed to make his heart bloom.

The more he thought about it, the more scared he was of Diana finding out that he had a younger

Simon Channing…

The illegitimate son of the Channings, a man he had never cared about much, turned out to be his
biological brother of the same father but different mother!

Each time Julian recalled this, he felt as if needles were piercing deeply and painfully through his heart.

Seeing the lines on his face gentling out and color returning to him, Diana wanted to know what about
their conversation that made Julian react this way. “Where’s the recording?”

But Julian said, “Sorry, I didn’t manage to record it.”

He didn’t want her knowing about his relationship with Simon.

He didn’t want to destroy their vow to love each other in life and be together forever in death, the vow
they made before his parents and grandparents’ graves.

The deep love between his parents looked very much like a joke right now.

At that moment, he almost didn’t dare to look Diana in her eyes.

This was his first time lying blatantly to Diana.

Of course, Diana didn’t believe him.

She didn’t believe that Julian would be so careless.

However, she was willing to give him a chance. “Julian,” she said tenderly, “did you really forget to
record the conversation?”

She could accept that there was something in the conversation that he didn’t want her to know about.

As long as Julian made that clear that he didn’t want her to listen to it, she would do so without getting

But now, he was lying to her.

Disappointment flashed past her eyes as she fixed her eyes on him.

Julian hesitated for a moment, but eventually nodded.

Diana didn’t speak, but remained silent for a few seconds before suppressing the sadness inside her.
She forced herself to say, “Come and put on the wall decorations.”

The previous set was ruined by Simon.

So, she had bought some new ones.

Although the villa was huge, she managed to decorate the entire place with festive-looking flowers and
motifs, with the exception of some full-length windows and the main door.

She had put up all the wall decorations except the set she was holding.

She wanted to put them up with Julian, and therefore instructed the servants not to touch them.

Both of them were in rather sullen moods, but the moment Diana asked that, Julian immediately walked
toward her without any delay.

He took over the decorations. “Let me.”

He had a height advantage and could reach right in the middle of the window just by standing and
raising his arms.

The sunlight shone on his face, making the features of his handsome face stand out even more.

It was undeniable.

Having a handsome face came in handy at times.

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